Shadowshail's MKVI and Jorge W.I.P. (Pic Heavy)

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The energy swords were from Best Buy...i went over there for a little bit to show off what Gamestop had that they didn't.
Haven't updated in a while...

Ok so i have not done much with anything after launch night and then my sister got married the next weekend but i just picked up some things to do tonight as i was avoiding my homework (which is still there).

I have to fix a lot of the pieces from launch night but it is not looking to be too bad, just some minor things here and there.

But tonight i was tinkering around with fomies and added details to the chest, heres some pictures:




It is not painted as of now but i just did all this a couple of minutes ago too. I was taking a look through the reference pics for the Halo 3 armor and came up with what i just did, and i have more ideas rolling in my brain. I cut all the fomies by hand with a pair of scissors and super glued them on. Hope you guys like it and ill be doing more to the armor in preparation for Halo-ween!

Stay Tuned!
Update on the fix-it job and a small one on the AR!

So i heard there was going to be snow on the ground tonight here in Wyoming and i rushed to get the major rondo part done for fixing up my MK VI.

Heres some pictures of what was broken:

My cod piece broke when we were strapping it on...i am going to cut off the pocket thingies and just attach it all onto a belt...


This is right on the front chest piece where it comes underneath your kind of cracked because i didn't add enough rondo to reinforce it...sniff...


This is right where the vents are for the chest. It kind of cracked a little cause its not the best piece to leave by itself to begin with...


And this is a little crack towards the top of the shield on one of the biceps...

And now im just going to add the fixed pics since im pretty sure you all can figure out whats what...



i reinforced both sides just in case XD




So that's it for the pictures of the armor....

Here is another thing i have been working on in between the armor:




This one is made from cardstock and a little bit of cardboard due to some nasty circumstances....but im adding bondo to the majority of it to get it back into fighting shape!

Well thats it for updates as of now, thanks for reading!

More to come!
Atleast you didn't ditch the suit. Good that you are going back to fixing it :)

As much as i would love to just ditch and make a new one (ill be making a new one anyways)I am pretty attached to things i spend money on...especially when i can use this as my base and can only get better from there!

I really just can't wait to install the lights i have! Thanks Adam for the awesome tutorial on lighting on the cheap!
Halo-Ween 2010 Pics!

Alright folks! i got the suit done in time for Halo-ween 2010 so here are some pics from the epic party i went to:



^Me with the host of the party^


Spartan and Centurion going at it...


And these last two pics i had to take cause this is my first Halo costume and this party was epic:



I did get the suit lighted up in the back, chest, and shoulders before i went and only one thing broke in transit but it was an easy fix. I unfortunately did not get my boots i have been waiting for in the mail so i don't have them. I have to re-size the ones i have for the costume but i was hoping i would get the ones i bought from a member before the weekend.

Hope you like it! More to come when i get into the rest of Jorge!
thank you HickeyDog! when i took those photos that was the initial intent of them but you actually got it put into action! Thanks man!

Also i finally picked up my knife after a long time and am over half way done cutting out my MK VI helmet and i am hoping to have a Warhammer 40k Helm done by the end of the month as well for a party. So stay tuned!
Alrighty! i have some great news! UPDATES!!!!

and sorry for the double post but this has pics and has actual updates so im sure it is fine.

alright here is what you have been waiting for PICTURES!!!





Alright this was the Jorge Right Shoulder add on file from Rhinoc and the unfold by Ral Partha.

Great work of art and great unfold! AMAZING work!

and i don't have pictures of my process on my MK VI chest piece but i have everything cut out and am almost done with the front. I also have the Jorge Handplate by AceHigh cut out and ready to put together but it is a lot of little tabs and small ill take my time with that.

More to come probably by the half week mark now that i am getting back into the armor making groove!

Also thanks to the guys at my local Gamestop! they have definitely given me a big energy boost to get this done!

Hi, can you post the link of pepakura file please?
Greetings Man, From One Jorge Builder to another How did you or are you going to mount your shoulders? Im using Just two of his right shoulders for both of mine though going for that heavy Armor feel and his torso so im having a hard time understanding why Mounting the shoulders for me is being such a pain. If you could help me any on this id Greatly appreciate it.
Well im not too sure myself XD i have not completed the suit yet but i am going to try and get it all done by Sept 9th of this year. If you do find anyone else that has come up with a good solution let me know though! sorry i couldn't be much more help.
Well im not too sure myself XD i have not completed the suit yet but i am going to try and get it all done by Sept 9th of this year. If you do find anyone else that has come up with a good solution let me know though! sorry i couldn't be much more help.

It's cool the answer came to me in one of the most unthought of places lol....The Bathroom, I was brushing my teeth and it hit me when i looked at the door. It took some custom modifications on my part but i got it to Sit REALLY well im talking like perfect on the shoulder and against the chest By Hinging it to the Top of the Bicep piece as shown below. It worked really well and i thought id pass it on to you In hopes it helps you. Keep Building 405th, RT Out.

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