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Sleeper Simulant Replica /COMPLETED/

Discussion in 'Non-Halo Costumes and Props' started by XULUX11, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. XULUX11

    XULUX11 Member

    After over two and half years since I started this project, it's finally complete. It began just before the launch of The Taken King, and was only finally completed as the Warmind DLC revolving around the very creator of the Sleeper Simulant, Rasputin, was released. Over the course of creating the Sleeper Simulant, in many of the materials it would be made from if it were a real weapon, it underwent numerous design changes and periods of stagnation as I scrutinized every part of it's construction and contemplated every course of action available to me to build it as a convincing, highly realistic, durable, and weighty prop much like those made by movie studios... The end result is a nearly 8 pound replica of the Sleeper, built mostly from carbon fiber and fiberglass composites, aluminum stock, steel stock, composite plastic decking material, and numerous pieces of electronic components and scrap. It also includes a number of LED's built into the weapon for added realism. I will go over some of the finer details of the build below, but for the moment, here is the final completed Sleeper Simulant, a nearly 3 year long project made whole...









    In these 3 photo's I documented some of the final stages of the build. The LED's are standard 9 volt wired in parallel, the battery is housed in the cylinder at the rear of the weapon, and the stock can be removed with three screws to access and replace the battery when necessary.



    All in all the Sleeper is as stated above, made from a great deal of materials that appear on the weapon in game, the carbon fiber upper and lower shrouds being chief among them. These were made initially from simple cardboard with a steel support along the spine of the top of each shroud respectively, then were skinned in a layer of fiberglass followed by 2 layers of 2x2 twill carbon on the inside and outside of each shroud. The lower shroud/grip is slightly different as it has an extra layer of fiberglass on the exterior, this was a last minute decision to add extra strength and weight as I had run out of carbon cloth at the time. The center core of the weapon is primarily hollow aluminum square stock and various other pieces of aluminum stock added to form the diamond profile of the core, there is secondarily a length of steel stock inside of the square center core for added support and weight. The lower grip was attached to the core with 4 bolts going directly into the spine of the grip and additionally epoxied in place. The upper shroud is similar but only consists of 3 bolts and lacks the large solid spine of the grip. The only major piece that is not either metal or cloth composite is the main pistol grip/rear section of the Sleeper which is made from a single piece of composite decking. I choose this material as it lacks any grain and is both very heavy and durable. it is attached to the core similarly to the lower shroud with 4 large bolts and a layer of epoxy. The 10 square pieces on both sides of the core are also made of this material with extra aluminum on the face of each for detail. Finally most of the other details are made from various pieces of electronic scrap, airsoft gun parts, etc... The stock is made from good old EVA foam and simply attached with three removable screws for access to the battery compartment as stated above. It is the only removable part of the entire build, everything else is either glued or bolted in place, or both. All in all that pretty much wraps up the major details of this build, it was a pretty interesting one to say the least, and I seriously could not be happier with it. It's something that from it's very inception was designed not only to look amazing, but FEEL like you might expect something like it to feel, heavy and bulky, solid, somewhat menacing even to hold, and it truly does need to be held to understand just how fantastic of a weapon design it is. My hat goes off to Mark Van Haitsma, the original designer of the Sleeper Simulant in Destiny, it is by far my favorite fantasy weapon of all time, and I'm proud to finally have a replica in my possession. I will leave the past updates of the progress of this weapon up for archival/nostalgia purposes and for those who want to see how the Sleeper came together over time...

    UPDATE Aug, 12, 2017
    So I finally got around to trying to finish this replica, and a good portion of it is already done. I tackled what I thought would easily be the hardest parts to build first, the strange triangular carbon fiber upper shroud and lower grip. These did indeed take some effort and quite a lot of time to get to an acceptable state. Even now I'm not super happy with how they look, but both parts are incredibly strong and light, which was a clear requirement for this weapon, being that the rest will be considerably more heavy metal and MDF components, and frontheavy weapons are extremely uncomfortable to hold in the hands. I'm confident at the end of the day, that the weight of this prop will be convincing, but not uncomfortably heavy either, so with that aspect I'm pleased.

    UPDATE Jan, 8, 2016
    I just got two different types of carbon fiber for the Sleeper. One is a 2x2 twill, the other a plain weave. I got the two different types because I wasn't quite sure what pattern I wanted to use on the majority of the weapon. I bought this carbon fiber from Composite Envisions, and now that I have actually looked at both these fabrics, I'm definitely going to use the 2x2 twill as my outer layer of fabric, its absolutely gorgeous in person, I can't wait to see what I looks like when it has resin on it. I'm going to start building the upper and lower weapon "shrouds" of the Sleeper very soon with both of these materials very soon, as soon as anything of note gets done, I'll throw some pictures up here.


    Sleeper Simulant Render 003
    Sleeper Simulant Render 003.jpg

    Sleeper Simulant Render 002
    Sleeper Simulant Render 002.jpg

    Sleeper Simulant Model 002
    Sleeper Simulant Model 002.png

    Sleeper Simulant Render 001 (Grip and Barrel)
    Sleeper Simulant Render 001

    Sleeper Simulant Model 001 (Grip and Barrel)
    Sleeper Simulant Model 001

    Sleeper Simulant Grip Render
    Sleeper Simulant Grip

    Sleeper Simulant Grip Model
    Sleeper Simulant Grip Model

    Sleeper Simulant Render 002.jpg

    Sleeper Simulant Model 002.png

    Sleeper Simulant Render 003.jpg

    Last edited: May 11, 2018
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  2. Archylon

    Archylon New Member

    Really like the fact that someone is already on this, not much to look at yet but i wish you the best of luck with this and hopes to see more in the future
  3. XULUX11

    XULUX11 Member

    Thank you! I'll be posting updates often so make sure to check back from time to time!
  4. Archylon

    Archylon New Member

    That my friend is a done deal
  5. XULUX11

    XULUX11 Member

    Just a quick bump, I'm still planning on finishing my Sleeper! I've been quite busy lately with several other projects of mine, studying, and so forth, thus I've had to put this one on the back burner for a bit. Anyway I've started working on my 3D model again, and I'll have a couple more renders finished by the end of Sunday.

  6. XULUX11

    XULUX11 Member

    Another bump. I'm finally starting to build my Sleeper Simulaant! I now have a pretty solid plan now of how I'm going to construct the main forward body of the weapon (I still haven't finished modeling the rear section of the weapon). I also just got my carbon fiber in the mail which I'll post pictures of in the main post of the this thread. As soon as I have any major progress made on the Sleeper I'll post pictures here!
  7. zombiegrimm


    I happen to have the Destiny model from the game of this weapon, if you would like it.
  8. XULUX11

    XULUX11 Member

    BUMP BUMP BUMP In anticipation of the release of Destiny I am back working on the Sleeper replica after a full year hiatus. Overall I would say its about half done so far, the shroud, barrel/weapon core, and the lower grip are done and I'm assembling them today! The replica is built in large part with what the weapon is actually made of in game, carbon fiber and metal. I'm my case I used a mostly fiberglass composite with layers of carbon fiber on the outer layer and innermost layer, and the core is just some various aluminium components epoxyed and screwed together. I'll have my most recent progress pics posted in a couple hours!
  9. XULUX11

    XULUX11 Member

    Aaaaaand the first build pics are up! I'll have more tomorrow!
  10. Schankerz


    Awww yeeees, this is going to be sick, this is one of my favourite weapons in Destiny aesthetically, can't wait for more pictures!
  11. XULUX11

    XULUX11 Member

    Yissssss, it's honestly my favorite exotic just on aesthetics alone, I actually like it even more than Outbreak Prime...
  12. XULUX11

    XULUX11 Member

    As of today the central core, the grip and shroud are all basically finished and attached to each other. I've just finished making the sight for the Sleeper, and that will probably be getting put on the gun later today. Today I will begin the major details on the sides of the core, specifically the 5 backward angled cube things on each side. With any luck, I estimate this replica will be finished and ready for you all to feast your eyes on in maybe a week minimum, 2 weeks maximum, being that most of the hard stuff is done at this point, the rest should be relatively simple in comparison.
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  13. XULUX11

    XULUX11 Member

    Well well, as usual I've pulled an Elon Musk and this project has Taken (pun intended) way longer than I ever expected it would, nonetheless I've still continued to work on it and as of today most of the major components have finished preliminary painting and have been dry fitted. Still to go is some type of mount for the sight, and I'm honestly still not too sure what I want to do with that, but I do have everything planned out to do it in a couple different ways, I just need to decide now. Most of the details on that back end of the weapon are also almost done, probably a few more days to finish fabricating and painting the finer details. Overall, I'm stoked with how well this weapon is turning out!
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  14. XULUX11

    XULUX11 Member

    Final bump for this project. Just barely got around to finishing it over the last 3 weeks before the Warmind DLC was released. The original post has been updated with finished photos of the weapon and my final build notes. I would absolutely love any and all feedback as to your thoughts on the build, as I intend to begin making more of the Warmind/Ikelos weapons of Destiny 2 in the near future!
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  15. mblackwell1002


    Not bad! I'm working on the Ikelos HC v1.0.1 as of right now, and i am considering making Sleeper Simulant as well. The Warmind aesthetic is super neat.
    The model isn't finished, btw. I'll be making the grip and barrel frame out of aluminum as well. Front little barrel piece will be turned on the lathe, because it's fun. lol

    Sorry to clutter your thread with my own stuff, but i figured you'd be interested in conversation about the Warmind DLC weapons.
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  16. XULUX11

    XULUX11 Member

    Oh I'm most certainly interested in some back and forth about the Warmind weapons, they have by far my favorite aesthetic in the game, and even just a week or so I've finished the Sleeper I'm already considering making another lol... My obsession with this fusion rifle and the other Warmind themed weapons has grown to a proportion I never could have imagined, I most certainly don't think I'll be stopping until I have replica of every Warmind weapon including the Valkyrie in my possession, however the holy grail at least in my mind would be a somewhat functional Sleeper Simulant, essentially a replica but with some sort of small battery powered laser, the kind that can light matches and pop balloons. As for your Ikelos HC, that is an amazingly impressive model and I'm super excited to see you start fabrication! I'm leaning towards either the Ikelos SMG or the Valkyrie for my next build, but I'm also thinking a foam Ikelos HC might be really nice to have for Comic Con/ other cosplay opportunities..
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