Solid eye prop (pic heavy) NOW FINISHED PG 2

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I havent seen any snake costumes or props posted on the 405th, and yes while i know its a halo based forum ive been a member awhile now and seen it expand into displays of props and costumes from many different games.

I know its a bit late to start working on this now but ive been wanting to make the solid eye system ever since the game came out, tbh i just love eye gear with cool led's :p

Without further ado ONTO THE PROP:





I made this using polystyrene like sheet, first time using this material and its a tricky one to sand just the way you want it and very brittle but easy to shape and cut out. Its not finished yet i just need to close off the ends of the areas where the straps would go in, i then plan on moulding it to make it hollow and add an led in it

So 405th... what do you think? :D
please comment if you think anything looks out of place or should be removed/added to it
Although, positive reinforcement is always welcomed too :)
Nicely done. Can't wait to see it completed

Are you going to SDCC this year? Kojima will be there for an autograph event and they'll be handing out some cool MGS stuff.

If not, send me a PM if you want any shwag. There's going to be an exclusive Snake T-shirt for comic-con done by Shinkawa.
haha thanks, id love to go but im in Hong Kong :p so itd be a bit of a trip to get there! thanks for the offer tho :) any critiques on the piece or missing details? I wanna make it as good as i can before i mould it to make the hollow piece
I´ll be watching this Tread, you can have some of my Casts as Reference if you want:

Thanks man, lol I guess there isnt much detail in the main part of the solid eye :p do you gave any ref of the base for youre version? Ive seen yours before I think, also great jin roh mask dude ive been watching your thread :)

that looks well done. but my one question is...
who the heck is snake? only posted coz that looks nice.

Thanks for the compliment, solid snake is a character from the metal gear solid game series, he loves cardboard boxes ;)
Sorry for the double post but i have a predicament and i need people to see this quick so i can get an opinion...

is it too big? :(

it is isnt it >.<

sooo no one replied :p
oh well, i decided myself that yes its waayyy too big
so... i made another one :D another about 2 hours of work, including screwing up


the screw up

size comparison against the old one, the holes for the straps are now done so its off to mould! updates tomorrow cuz its coming up to 3am over here now :p
well i have another update for anyone watching this thread
now onto progress pics:




moulding process



this is my test fit, much better size now :p excuse the yellow patch behind it, i was getting lazy and just used a random bit of craft foam for padding... Also excuse me looking stoned, it was early in the morning okay? :p
I went over this cast from the mould with 600 grit sandpaper then 1000 grit, its ridiculously smooth to the thouch but im not sure how good itll look with paint so ill be doing a test tomorrow, if it looks good under paint ill be doing the final mould of this thing so i can make a hollow cast this time and add the led's :)
Yep, but the SES on this Links is a Way too big, golem has the near correct Size.
And it looks better.
oh! never played the game, but juging by some pics ive seen aftre youve told me, your prop is looking great! for a moment i thought you where talking about some random of gi joe or somethin.

Yeah ive seen the rpf but as of now im not a member, i just thought itd be nice to share with the 405th community too :p
hey who doesnt like cool flashy props? :D

Yep, but the SES on this Links is a Way too big, golem has the near correct Size.
And it looks better.

Thanks sisko :p im trying my best to make it look badass ;)

oh! never played the game, but juging by some pics ive seen aftre youve told me, your prop is looking great! for a moment i thought you where talking about some random of gi joe or somethin.

hah well i can see how you would think that, GI joe characters have all kinds of crazy gadgets that shoot something or make them able to walk up walls or something ridiculous :p

Sorry there havent been many updates so far, it turns out that the original foam version i sanded doesnt sand down with low number grit sand paper well. It leaves loads of tiny annoying pot holes that show up really easily under paint, ive been trying to remove them the last couple days but its taking, multiple layers of spot putty to get it perfectly and its getting really frustrating >.< Next time ill just start with 400 or 600 grit straight away :p Ill hopefully finish filling up spots in the next couple days! till then stay tuned :)

There...that's better!

Nice work on your prop by the way, looks great!
soooo its been awhile, Ive finished up the master and its looking super smooth and sexy ;) or at least thats what i can tell from how well the final mould worked out.

Ill take you through how i got there shall I?
I made this super awesome custom mould box outta my leftover spolystyrene sheet my new toy... the glue gun :p


Its free!!!

going well so far right?
the mould in the above photos... total failure, after de-moulding there were huge air bubbles in the mould. Not only that but the mould showed parts that i had missed and hadnt filled properly giving a uneven surface with holes in it :/ I was wayy to impatient when moulding and didnt paint on the first layer
I went back to the master and finished up the filling and smoothed it over once more, i even went to my old art teacher for a bit of advice and supplies :p she gave me an even higher grit sand paper to use so its even smoother than before. She then helped me mould it on the cheap by not using a box mould, instead i just did a jacket thick enough to not need a shell, this worked as it is a small piece.
and heres the newest final mould!

it is basically bubble free except for one in a... very discreet location and the imperfections on the surface are so minor that with a simple run across it with my nail removed the small dots on the surface that would cause pot holes in the cast. Unfortunately ive gone abroad for a week and wont be able to make a cast till then but thats all there is left to do now :)
hey guys know its been awhile :p sorry for it taking so long but i didnt want to update till it was finished 100% only had a small problem recently which i fixed which was the light being too bright :( but i fixed it by adding some hot glue ontop of the light to dim it :D




haha thanks guys :D im really glad with the outcome of my first prop :3 well that ive actually been un-lazy enough to finish :p sorry the photos are so blurry i had to take it with my mobile myself
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