Spartan 058 incoming! -or- A dude making Linda Armor (Extremely Pic-Heavy)

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Charlie13, Jun 17, 2017.

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    Your build looks fricken AMAZING dude! Keep it up!
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    The chestpiece, the boots, everything...
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  3. Charlie13

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    Thank you very much! I will for sure! :)

    I am not worthy! :D Thanks alot mate! I will party on ! :)

    I know I know, I said Im gonna do more frequent updates. Well, real life said "no" again!
    Unfortunately I didnt accomplish too much this week. However, I scratchbuilt the forearms at least. :3 Rn Im doing some modeling for the rather complex details on those. Heres the raw foam build so far. 20170716_143038_zpsyv9ag7rp.jpg
    Also my undersuit from Heroestime arrived. I took the oppurtunity to slap on all the armorparts to see how it looks so far. They need proper attachment and padding of course. Also they mostly do not sit in the right spots for now. I will recreate some of the printed details on the undersuit too, since they do not starisfy my needs and Iwant the details to look more 3D-ish.
    20170714_155245_zps8kdmvb6r.jpg 20170714_154713_zpsizsdy5yn.jpg
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    Wow just wow
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  5. BlazedStarbon

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    There needs to be a 'wow' button alongside the 'like'. Amazing progress, Spartan! (y)
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    This ^
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  7. Charlie13

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    Thanks alot! :D Just like you all, I cant wait to finish this badbaoy up. Still some work to do! :p

    Thatd be a nice idea! xD Though I am pretty pleased with the "Like-Feature" by itself :) Progress however has gotten slow, since I also got problems with my 3D-printer.
    Thank you very much! Im glad y'all like what I did so far! :)

    Awright everybody! Its been a while- Last week was yeah not too good but not too bad either. I managed to get most of all the small pieces done. Such as ( from upper lfet to lower right) the buttplate, the absplate, the shoulders, the knees, the triceps and the biceps. Here shown in "caulking-stage". 20170724_193156.jpg
    I straightly went ahead and plastidipped them today.

    As most of you will assume these are all freehanded since these parts arent available as Pep.
    However, incase you are wondering how I do my scrachtbuilt pieces, heres some mini-tutorial on the tricep-pieces! :D

    Independently from the piece itself: Im starting of with making a paper template using reference-photos and images on google. You can pretty much think of this as an "analogue" version of Pep lol. So when I drew my template on some standart printer-paper I cut the pieces out and stick them temporarily together using some masking-tape(Every other tape will do, as long as you dont damage your template) This is also useful to check how long and how angled your bent pieces need to be.
    When everything fits nice and accurately, I transfer them onto my foam floor mats.
    For now everthing look pretty rough, but we will take care of that later on. Now to make the edges nice and crisp you need to angle all your edges.
    I mostly use an Exactoknife for this bis since the blades dull down rather quickly my angles often look something like this.
    However this is now as bad as you think, since you can always sand it down with a dremel. I tend to do this alot. Also to correkt angles on clean cut pieces, just to make sure everything fits nice and thightly.
    After that I usally heat up all my curved pieces with a heatgun to bend them in the shape theyll need to have for assembly. For assembly I use contact-glue which has proven to be the best and cleanest method for me.
    When the glue has set, I get back and heatseal the entire piece to close the pores even further and make it easier for the plastidip(or whatever sealant youre using) to seal the foam.
    For carved in details I usally use a heatknife. Mine has different tips so I can burn different shapes into the foam. Note, all the fine gaps will be filled using acrylic caulking before sealing :)
    Hope that helps you guys out. If there are any questions, feel free to ask! :3







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    It looks cool, but I recommend just using the feature on the 405th "upload a file" next to the "post reply" because it seems you've been using Photobucket and half of the remaining photos aren't available. :(
  9. Charlie13

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    Thank you!
    Well I uploaded the images form another hosters page, since photobucket sucks a** recently. However the Edit-Option wont let me delete the photobucket-links for some strange reason.
  10. Charlie13

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    Hey there Guys!
    Its been a while. I had a few weeks off and that doesnt only mean that I totally forgot to post any progress BUT it also means that I DID a lot of progress as well!
    Unfortunately I didnt take too much pictures in the process, but I will explain as good as I can!
    Awright, now I went ahead and did all the "smaller" armor parts which will attach with velcro to the undersuit later on and measured where exactly to attach them. The biggest problem here were the arms, since I couldnt reach the inside with my sewing machine, which means I had to sew the velco strips by hand X_X It was pretty annoying but worth it in the end.
    I also freehanded some soft armor parts such as die Abdomenplate and those small hip-plates(I have no effin' clue how these are called obviously).
    The fore-arms are done as well btw. They just need some padding to sit properly but other than that I just need to finish gloves, helmet and of course the rifle :3 [​IMG]

  11. SI3RRA 117

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    "WOW" button. Turned out great anxious to see it with the helmet!
  12. CommanderPalmer

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    Looking great!
    Just could suggest to lower that COD piece and abdomen armor plate down because they are sitting way too high up.
  13. DefineLuck

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    Where’s the finished pics with the helmet!

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