(spoilers)Marathon connections

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Just wanted to start a discussion on storyline connections. Ive not really read up on Marathon but, im going to try to get a better understanding. Bear with me.

Ive read about Master cheif being the main character and an A.I from Marathon traversing time and detonating the rings...And that Master cheif is the missing tenth cyborg from Marathon. Can anyone clear these up?
I have heard about the tenth cyborg theory, but Master Chief is not the main character. The Master Chief was based off the main character from Marathon whose name escapes me right now.

Several theories say there are links between the stories, but Bungie has denied these claims.

I myself believe that the planet seen at the end of the legendary campaign is Tau Ceti, which is the planet which the ship Marathon encircles during the Marathon games and where the other Spartan cyborgs were stationed.

Some information can be found if you Google Marathon-Story-Bungie, you'll find some good stuff.

I first played Marathon when I was 10 on the family Mac which was one model below a power mac. I started my Bungie addiction early.
Bungie already denied that the Marathon and halo series's are in separate GAME universes. Meaning that they will never cross over.

But my theory, its a forerunner planet.
1. Because the planet is in the middle of no where, and not to mention its in between the ark and Earth.
2. The planet had lights on it, indicating it had cities.
3. The cities formed Geometric shapes similar to which the forerunner used as glyphs.
4. Also, Master chief joined the forerunner, so it would only be possible that he began to live among them.

Humans are possibly Forerunner, but a different evolution of forerunner, meaning that Earth belongs to Humans and
other planets belong to the forerunner.
Also, there is all the links to forerunners and humans in all the games and books.
Why would the sentinel speak Latin? a Human language?
Also, why would Reach and Onyx, Human controlled planets, why would they have Forerunner artifacts in them?
Also Earth, why are the forerunner artifacts on Earth? The comic confirmed it, so it comes to one conclusion.

Humans are forerunners, but they are a different species of forerunner.
Denial of a connection and actually having no connection are two different things. Yes there is no technical connection other than the likenesses between the two game series, which there is good reason for since the game Halo was modeled after the Marathon games. Just because they don't have a connection in the story now doesn't mean that there couldn't be one later.

Plus I'm tired of hearing 'the books this and that', they were made up by someone who did just what we are doing now, thinking of all the possibilities and trying to make sense which one works best as an entertaining story. I only care about the games and there storyline. It's like a movie that was made from a book or a comic, or vice versa, you can come close to the original idea, but in the end it is what it is. As far as I'm concerned, the books are a separate entity from their movie or game counter parts. One can be based off the other and nothing more.

Mean while, I'll wait patiently till the next game from Bungie comes out to either start something fresh or continue the story.

By the way I'm not trying to discount anyone's theory, but I'm just trying to get people to keep an open mind.
No, Eric Nylund was able to look at Bungie's big storyline book, and take his cues from that. His books are Canon.

Master Chief didn't "Join" the Forerunners... where did you get that from? I think we all need to agree that Halo and Marathon are separate, if not similar.
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