SRS 99-S5 Sniper Rifle Build-EDIT


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Okay guys, I know it has been awhile since I posted anything and I promised photos of the progress on the sniper rifle. Well, I finally got around to being able to post some so enjoy! I did forget to take the skeleton shots of the rifle so I am sorry about that. I still need to take more shots of the actual scopes and magazine. So since I forgot those I will go into detail on how it is constructed. The skeleton of the rifle is different lengths of PVC inside foam--basically its acting as foam core. I used PVC because the barrel of the gun can then be detached easily for on-the-go travel and assembly. I also used PVC because it would help the magazine detach and the scope. The magazine has a small PVC inside it with magnets to allow for easy attachment to the gun. The scope is made with two different PVC sizes for the actual scope part then one PVC to attach to the actual gun. No magnets needed there. So far the make of the gun has only costed me $10-15 max. All the PVC with the fittings were $6 from a local hardware store and then I used plastic lightbulbs from Hobby Lobby to make the circular scope part to see through and those were like $2? each. I really only needed one, but bought two in case of mess-ups. Everything else I had at the house from past projects. I will post photos of the magazine and scope whenever I get around to actually taking the photos. It has been raining a lot here lately and it has delayed me from actually finishing the gun. I have to prime and then paint then done! It is very exciting. I did the best that I could with all the different reference photos I had. The only piece that really varied was the actual scope detail. Each photo had different details so I tried my best to get all the details I could. I am not 100% satisfied with how it turned out but I am very happy and proud. First prop this big and it was a lot of learning on the go. I feel as if I redo this for a commission for a friend I can make it much better and cleaner. All of the detailing was made from cutouts of the template that I made and posted for all to use.


Okay so this is where I should have shown the PVC skeletal structure and I apologize I did not. I also did not have long enough foam to make it one giant piece so I broke it up into two pieces. There is 3 layers total of foam.


This is a look of how the detail of the gun was done. It was made with layers of 3mm craft foam scrapes. The detail was then done with a wood burner and rotary tool. I find a rotary tool makes for creating clean circles when using the right attachment.


More work with the same techniques as described above.


And this is it fully assembled and disassembled. Fully assembled it measures to be almost 5 feet. As you can see the magazine has that PVC skeletal piece that connects it to the gun body. I still have to finish the detailing on the magazine but it made for a good photo to showcase the full prop. Also, yes the tripod is made with toothpicks. Made for easy definition to get that solid line going down the middle and its cheap and at the house. More photos to come later! (Hopefully haha)

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all! I am happy to finally be sharing the finished photos of the sniper rifle! While taking these photos I did notice I missed a few spots in painting (in the scopes themselves) and realize I will have to go back and paint that. But, other than that she is done! There are a few things I wish I did a little better on but overall super happy with how it turned out for a first try!


I know I look so happy in the photo >.< I promise you guys that I am and not faking it haha. It was an adventure building this and I am glad I did it! I learned a lot in regards to making my own template off of reference photos and different software (inkscape) and enjoying figuring out how to layer everything and assemble everything.
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hahah so in total length it is almost 5 feet. the barrel of the gun is at least 2.5 and then the body of the gun is 2 feet give or take a few inches. whenever I have my bow for my aloy cosplay people dont dare mess with me because that prop is also 2.5-3 feet haha. takes up a lot of space

Gotta love a girl that can handle a bow!!!!......and a sniper rifle!!