Staple, then hotglue

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for a pep bicep piece, can i use staples first? I have trouble when applying hot glue, looks like crap when done. Im thinking staple it, then hot glue the inside flaps to make it good. Would the staples get in the way of resin/sanding?
I would use small pieces of clear scotch tape before I would use staples.... just my opinion, but I have never tried staples so my opinion matters not..
i used scotch tape, it came out nicely, got both biceps done, now need to hot glue inside. Does this look big?and how should i keep them on when i fiberglass them, elastic bands or backpack clips?

yeah im hideous in this pic, was getting mad at the crappy photo taker...
Chest looks fine. Shoulder pieces look a tad too big. They may hinder the movement of your arms when you add the fore arms. Great start though.
dang, oh well, theyre good enough, i wanna save the cardstock i got. im ganna start on a highly detailed armor set after halo-ween using slyfos model, and im ganna put patience into it
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