Starting Elite Honor guard

Lieutenant Jaku

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Lol, yeah. You’ve seen my big lovable ball of floof so keeping up with cleaning has been neglected a bit here so it’s taking the spare time out of my spare time. But I’m going to start the Honor Guard staff soon here so hopefully I can get back on track shortly.

Btw, anyone have any tips on what kind of paint I should use? I was thinking a florescent paint or try to find some glow in the dark kind of paint for a nice little “WOW” factor.
fluorescent yellow and gloss maroon maybe? really whatever you want but the fluorescent paint is a good idea


Whooo, I let this get a little far down in the forum, welp! Here’s some more progress. Input on the decretive pieces? I kind of wanted something that had depth to it.


Sean Anwalt

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WOW! That decorative piece looks great!

I am really excited to see how well this turns out!


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Great progress, hopefully I can see it in person at the Freedom Baseball game this year!