Starting Elite Honor guard

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Lol, yeah. You’ve seen my big lovable ball of floof so keeping up with cleaning has been neglected a bit here so it’s taking the spare time out of my spare time. But I’m going to start the Honor Guard staff soon here so hopefully I can get back on track shortly.

Btw, anyone have any tips on what kind of paint I should use? I was thinking a florescent paint or try to find some glow in the dark kind of paint for a nice little “WOW” factor.
fluorescent yellow and gloss maroon maybe? really whatever you want but the fluorescent paint is a good idea


Whooo, I let this get a little far down in the forum, welp! Here’s some more progress. Input on the decretive pieces? I kind of wanted something that had depth to it.


Sean Anwalt

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WOW! That decorative piece looks great!

I am really excited to see how well this turns out!


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Great progress, hopefully I can see it in person at the Freedom Baseball game this year!


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hey there folks, I’m finally doing a passion project that I’ve wanted to do for years!
Elite Honor guard from Halo 2, I hope to be done with it before halo infinite and the anual Florence minor league baseball game this coming year.

Much thanks to blind luck for coming upon the post by Cadet. Thanks to you and everyone who shows up each year, I hope to see everyone who can make it.

This is also a passion project so I don’t have a lot of time without loosing a lot of sleep, (rip sleep lol)

If anyone has any tip or tricks I’d be happy to hear them.

Edit: so doing in this, keep in mind, I’m taking a few liberties with the shape and look of the armor to better suit me but I’m going to try to keep the essence of the armor as much as possible. This is also my first armor build so I don’t expect it to turn out exactly as it should.

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I admire anyone who does an elite cosplay. Looking great so far!