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Ok so ive been scouring this site for a week or so now, and only have recently signed up. So ive decided that i actualy want to make spartan armor, starting with the helmet and going from there. Im deff going to use pepakura, but i have some questions before i get started. Ive read alot of threads about pepakura and think im ready to start it but how do you apply resin or whatever to something made of all paper? i havent seen anything on how to go past pepakura. If there are any full tut's on how to go from pepakura to resin and so on, id love the links. Also links to the best H3 Mjolnir armor for Pepakura would be great. I hope i can pull this off, and ill deff post about my progress once i get started. thanks to anyone who posts here, and i know im a total noob, which is why im in this fourm isnt it :p
Since I know many of you have questons about how to resin and fibre glass your pepakura costumes I will explain to you the process that I use with my costume. Hopefully these tips and instructions will help you out on your road to completion. For the time being I will start you off with the Resin application part of this tutorial. (this is my first tut so let me know if i miss anything)

----------Resining with "Resin"----------

STEP 1:Get Materials Together



Liquid hardener

Brush(s), reallys it's personal preferance

Container(top of resin can)

Tinfoil(to put inside container so it can be reused)

Mixing stick or the like

(Self Explanitory)

Stand(to hold work) i think it's wats left of Lopez

Piece(the most important part)

Before you jump into any thing you first want to make sure you're in a well ventilated area and you have a large enough work area for the piece you will be working on.

The first thing you need to do is clean the surface of the object that you will be resining. Make sure it is free of debris and foreign objects.

Next you want to place you piece one your stand, in this case it is the master chief helmet.

Now you are almost ready to resin your piece.
Before you do make sure you read, and re-read if necessary, the instructions on the back of the can.


The first thign you need to do when mixing the resin and hardener is to line your container with tinfoil.
Next pour in the desired amount of resin.(Pour an amount that you think you will use in 5-10min as it will be unusable after that.)

Next add the correct amount of Liquid Hardener. (READ DIRECTIONS!! Too much will cause the resin to harden within a couple minuets.)

Mix the two together for 10-15seconds and remove stiring stick.(wipe off excess resin on stick.)

>>>WARNING: Never mix a new batch with an old one, the onld will start to harden the new one instantly<<<

Now dip your brush into the resin and load it up with a moderate amount, not dripping off. If there is excess just wipe it on the edge of the container so that it flows back in.

Apply the resin to your piece starting at the seams first and the working your way around. You start at the seam to make sure it gets a healty amount of resin to give it support.

Remember to work quickly as the clock is against you, if you're too slow your resin will end up like this->

At this point ti is too bad too use, sorry, just throw it away.

After you have used the desired amount of resin on the piece let it dry. it should start to look something like this.

I reccomend doing your pieces in sections so as to not "water log" your medium. This also ensures you'll have a dry spot to get a firm grasp on.

You just don't have the pics.
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wow, thanks guys these links are a great help, i cant wait to get started on my armor, deadline? next halloween hahaha

oh and also, those links were to marine armor, i need the links to Mjolnir mark VI armor, u know halo 3 kind, if you will please
paint brush resin on then glue fiberglass inside, then resin over that, people do layers of resin, so read tutorials, ask questions, my suit is done and nice and sturdy with 2 layers of resin outside, 2 inside, and 1 fiberglass layer.

make sure you are using cardstock, quit right now if you dare use printer paper, anyone who uses that stuff finds out when you resin, it falls apart on you, cardstock is strong and wont fall apart. Make sure you scaled it to your height also.
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