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    Sut mai! (Welsh for how is it going!)
    Name: Daniel but most call me Danny or Dan
    Location: Anglesey, North Wales
    Age: 19
    Cons: My first one will be Wales ComiCon but hoping to go to Manchester and London CC
    Social Media: danboy1203 on IG ( I do Airsoft and recently Cosplay photos!)
    Skills: choosing my tools effectively

    Cosplay: In the works right now I am doing my Corporal Taylor h. "Dutch" miles ODST armour, so far I am in the bondoing stage of filling in the seams and am wanting to cast a helmet too! here are some pics from my Instagram: Daniel Owen on Instagram: “The difference between when you seal up the armour! first time sealing the Right shin armour and boot i just need to do some more sanding…”
    Daniel Owen on Instagram: “Gone and added some velcro to the inside of some of the armour such as the vest on the side so i can get in and out easier and have done on…”
    Daniel Owen on Instagram: “I have almost done my main #ODST dutch body!! all i have left to do is the helmet where i will be sculpting and casting it and the last…”
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    Name: Lee Also known as Buzz.
    Location: England, Essex just east of London.

    Age: Date of manufacture 1970.

    Social Media: Facebook and Instagram page is Iconic Heroes Costumes. Twitter is @iconic_heroes

    Cons: I do all the big MCM Cons at London, Birmingham and also the small Sci Fi based cons in Southern England.

    Cosplays: My first Costume was Darth Maul in 1999. I now have Master Chief, Darth Vader, Terminator, Indiana Jones and Judge Dredd.

    Skills: Most are classified.

    Member of the UK Garrison and 501st Star wars costuming group.
    Member of the Brit Cit Judge Dredd costuming groups.
    Member of the REEL ICONS film and game character costuming group.

    Always happy to help and advise if you need it.

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