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Name: Mike
Location: North West England
Age: 40

Social Media: I'm beardedspartan061 on Instagram. That's where most of my hobby posts go.

I've been into cosplay for about five years but bad mental health means I'm still working on my first build which will hopefully debut at Telford Takeover (Wales).


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Name: Mark (Timmsy)
Location: Midlands Uk
Age: 22

Social Media: Instagram- timmsy_cosplay

Cosplays: Current one- Halo 3 Odst which is a mix of ONI, CQB, and Marksman suits, still been a work in progress but should be done within a month or two.

The first suit I ever made was the DFT templates but now I am using a 3d printer to remake the suit to a lot higher quality and better finish.

Skills: dragging files into my printing software and clicking print.

Picture: For some reason, I can't upload images of my armour but its all here and on my Instagram both linked:
1st Build - 3D Printed ODST Build


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Name: Mark-174, birth: Zoltan Mark Csanadi , Nick: Solidsnake or Snake
Location: Hungary
Age: 46 :) ( technically not much more, but... does cryosleep counts? :) )

Social Media: FB: VenomCosplay, IG:venomcos
Cons: Before 2020 mostly at the bigger EU cons as Geralt, Ezio.. :) I made lots of HALO armors, time the first for myself :)
Cosplays: I started in 1998 with an XWing Pilot, i made 9 differnet HALO armors as commissions and one for the TV series.
Skills: VFX Artist by job designation ( so if any of you need phot editing, photoshoots or movies / effects, i can help ), 3D design, 3D printing ( i have a 8 printer printerfarm, doing commissions and movie work )

Well, picturewise, i don't HALO themed pics, but i will try to drop some while i'm remaking the HALO TV series armor :) Sssht.. can't wait to spoil those for you :)




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Okay, thought i should do that too, wasn´t around for years here^^

Name: Sisko4 / Man@Arms Props Austria
Location: Austria / Graz
Age: 36

Social Media:
Facebook: ACCSisko / Site: Man at Arms Props
Instagram: man_at_arms_props
Etsy: Props Replicas Templates and more von ManAtArmsProps auf Etsy
DeviantArt: ManAtArmsProps - Professional, Artisan Crafter | DeviantArt
Cons: AkiCon Graz / AniNite Vienna
Cosplays: Can´t recall when i started with cosplay, but it sure is a long time ago, 10 years for sure or more.
I started with a lowres & fiberglas H3 MkVI, later then a better made H3 Marine and after that a Reach MkV (B) out of eva foam.
The eva foam armor got many updates and improvements over time and is still in the same shape like when it was finished building.
In the meantime i learned molding and casting, made a few helmets and parts, etc...
Now i have left that skill and jumped more into 3d design and 3d printing, because i didn´t had the storage for all the molds and casting material.
Since about 4 years i am now 3d printing and use a modified Ultimaker 2+.

1: Quick learning if the stuff is interessing enough for me.
2: Can fix nearly anything

I don´t have any better or more pictures, but at cons there were many taken but most of them i never saw...


  • carneval_2010_master_chief_4_by_manatarmsprops_d2jyjg7.jpg
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  • IMG_5313.jpg
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  • marine_suit_by_manatarmsprops_d3b9nbt.jpg
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Name: Nil
Location: Barcelona (spain)
Age: 28

Social Media: segurilisstudios (insta) segurilis studios (facebook)
Cons: normally spain cons
Cosplays: finished halo 3 marine, in eternal missed progress odst and spartan from 2010 XD
Skills: forge, leathercraft, fiberglass, concept design, welding, mold making, sculpting, embossin (leather and metal) woodworking...


forgive my bad english XD i'm begginer :S

i hope can be the most active possible if the work lets me be :D


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Name: Patrick (Pat or Pad is fine)
Location: London, England
Age: Born in '98

Social Media: Nothing to do with costuming, but Insta and Twitter are on my profile. Will probably post costume stuff there once I get going with it!
Cons: MCM Comic Con London
Cosplays: I've not yet started my cosplaying career, but I'm hoping that this forum and this regiment might be able to help me get my foot in the door.
Skills: I can play bass guitar?


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Name: Julian
Location: Sulzbach-Rosenberg/Bavaria/Germany
Age: 25

Social Media: My Tzeentch Chaos Cosplay Log into Facebook
Cons: (What cons are we likely to see you at?)
Cosplays: I start cosplay 2019
Share some of your work, completed or in-progress:

Skills: (Do you have a special skill?) 3D-Printing Beginner


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Name: Joona
Location: Southern Finland
Age: 30

About me as a cosplayer: A true greenhorn, the first batch of foam in the mail. I have 3d printer already but its not dialed in yet. I have some crafting skills and know my way around tools. I understand this is a whole new form of art so don't wanna be too confident. Going to start Master Chief Infinite armor build very soon.

Ps Happy to see there are so many people from Europe here.

Spartan 43

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Name: Mike
Location: North West England
Age: 40

Social Media: I'm beardedspartan061 on Instagram. That's where most of my hobby posts go.

I've been into cosplay for about five years but bad mental health means I'm still working on my first build which will hopefully debut at Telford Takeover (Wales).
You at Telford Saturday or Sunday bud?

Spartan 43

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Name: Tom
Location: North Wales / Close to Chester
Age: 46

Social Media: not yet
Cons: Telford / Liverpool / Manchester
Cosplays: non halo.... until 3d printers, my vision was never achievable.
Share some of your work, completed or in-progress.)
Skills: (Do you have a special skill?) Foam building, paint, airbrush CG, CAD, MESH MIXER, BLENDER, PHOTOSHOP.

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