The Animation Thread All Animations Welcome!(pg. 1,2,and 3)

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i was wondering that too how do you add backround guns bloodsplatters and how do you upload it here?
i can upload but how do i do the other stuff?you open it and resave it in a different folder as a gif. go to upload it as the video (gif) and it looks like image code you c& p the img code and it turns into a video. but what about blood spllatters and stuff.

heres a default one that i editted about 10 seconds at t he end


what happens at halo 3 release

heres another one


best one yet and its funny at the end.


these are mine! i made them please do not steal them without permission!
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i can but i dont know how to re up them without deleting more of my files (its a bug.). but thanks for the comment.(look at the elephants but in last one its funny.
Oh well i guess people care about the (SCHOOLS BACK IN) thread lol
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ohh thanks im glad you liked it btw are you in the 501st i noticed your avatar it looks cool.

I've said many times. I'm "affiliated". And thanks, I like my avatar too, that's why I'm using it... ;-) :mrgreen:
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First, Pivot is a stick movie animator.It works by moving a stick man/object frame by frame by its joints.

Step 1-Get a background.

You can easily make a background with paint or just use a image you previously have saved as a jpg.

Step 2-Place you man/object.

You can select previously made or saved images or you can make your own.To make you own images go to file,create figure type, Then select the circle tool or line tool.You have to place your mouse over a little circle and drag the image.You can edit how big or small you wish to make you item by the tiny arrows in the editing section on the left side of the box.Then after that save your image and click file,add animation to project.To make that object bigger or smaller click on the arrows on the left hand control box.

Step 3-Moving you object.

To do this click and drag the end of the circles at the joints of your object/man.Then click Next Frame and do it again and again to make you man/object move.

Step 4-Adding additional objects.<Guns, bullets, ect.>

Simply make a object and place it by selecting it and hitting add figure.Then position it around you object to make expressions bullets etc.Make sure you eventually delete the object by clicking it then hitting delete.(to make guns and such see step 2)

Step 5- Coloring you objects.

Click color and select a color and move the number next to it to make it brighter or darker.

Step 6-Playing your animation.

Simply hit play/stop and use the move thing to make it go slow or fast.

Step 7-sharing you work/Downloading the program.

Go here to download this wondrous program and here to host it.

Additional help-Flipping your image and To make you image face a different way and speed.

Hit flip and it will face a different way.When yous ave it as a gif image,You can control how fast or slow you animation moves via the number dial.
blinkava. Nice it looks so cool i like the back round

spartan 118 i uploaded them as in i saaveded it as a gif. file. then i went


i pressed upload and i pressed video then you press the browse button click all the way up where it says recent documents and select your file there. and it will look like a image code copy and paste the image code and it should work.

TheBlue- Thanks friend :mrgreen: im making another if anyone wants ill do custom ones send me a pm of the picture you want as the backround and descibe what you want i can make horses elephants fat men skinny men clocks and thats proboaly it.
how? i can but i suck at it heres a new one i just made

I like to call it PWNAGE.


remember guys i still make custom ones but you give credit to me.
Can you do a Blue stick guy doing the hump? (like adam's avatar)...

Post it up if you can. I would like it for my avatar.
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