Thoughts On Infinite


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I think the exact same thing I think about every other game... I'll wait until it comes out.

As for theories on Cortana, what the title is all about, and all the rest... well I've only really figured out 2 things.

1) Because Cortana was a clone of Halsey, in theory, even if fragments of her biological structure were to survive she could in theory be rebuilt. She might not be the exact same... some memory loss. But from a data recovery standpoint, even with today's very basic technologies we can recover most of corrupted data files from storage devices... maybe not all of them... but a shadow of the whole can be made. I'm guessing they will go that route... because they can't actually fully kill Cortana... right? I'm not in denial, you're in denial.

2) Infinity is a reference to earth. Towards the beginning of Halo 4 that was made fairly clear when Chief is at the cartographer on Requiem. Where I'm going with this, I don't know... but maybe the game will take place mostly on Earth once 117 gets off that damn floating space garbage that he got pulled into on the teaser? Maybe it opens exactly like 4 did... but instead of Requiem you commandeer the boarding vessel and head back to a tattered earth?