TRF / tx renaissance festival/ comp tix /NOW available !!!!

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poor Russian ,LA is a short drive [by my standards] lol . BTW TRF is the largest renfair in the US, almost 2sq miles .

Well with my current job and expenses, I only have ~$200 every 2 weeks for myself, because the rest goes to food, car payment, monthly rent, etc. I'm only 17 atm so I get paid $10/h :( Living with my best friend in our own apartment too so that's taking up most of my paycheck. With $400 a month, it's pretty hard to get around in the car, $60 per fillup, it would take me at least 200 to get there, and I dont have time to save up :/ Oh well maybe next year :) We've got our own renfair down here but it's not too big. Maybe half of that one.
LOL , i was just kiddin with ya , btw i have a lot of friends who do the south & north Cali show , i used to do the Vacaville show . both of those shows combined are 1/4 the size of this show , its freakin huge !
its OK, it had my crew laffin for about 20 min , but only 30!! good retorts , that was the ONLY one i could post !!!!
well these are the themes for each weekend , the tix are good for any ! Oktoberfest - Oct. 9 & 10
The Festival will open its doors for a Bavarian adventure you won't want to miss, sponsored by MillerCoors.

1001 Dreams - Oct. 16 & 17
Take pleasure in all things mystical inspired by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Pirate Adventure - Oct. 23 & 24
Sea chanties will be sung and mugs raised for a swashbuckling weekend. The whole scalawag crew of the Pride of Bedlam will preside over all sorts of debauchery and fun.

All Hallows Eve - Oct. 30 & 31
Ghouls, goblins, and spooks abound as all things creepy emerge from the mist, sponsored by Pepsi.

Roman Bacchanal - Nov. 6 & 7
Toga! Toga! Toga! Join the Italian Court in an extravagant Roman Bacchanal and remember "When in Rome, do as the Romans do!"

Highland Fling - Nov. 13 & 14
Bagpipes will sound as the Scottish Court puts their bonnie knees forward for a Highland Fling.

Barbarian Invasion - Nov. 20 & 21
The shire shall be invaded from far and wide. Join the horde for some raucous festivities.

Celtic Christmas - Nov. 26, 27 & 28
Our final weekend closes as we celebrate the Yuletide - 16th Century style - with three magnificent days devoted to Christmas revelry, sponsored by DeMontrond Auto Group.
im now out of tickets , if more become available i will post them , looking forward to see'n ya'll ! and remember when you come up to slayers castle aka [slayer's house of discount torture] , tell the lady spice your from the 405th , other wise she WILL charge you for the haunted house .
pic from opening weekend

thanx to all who droped by this weekend , and thanx charles , made the day faster , sorry ya had to hear the ramble 30 million times , SO anyone know who this is ?
OK got a few more tix up for grabs , and thank you
  • Sigma-LS for hangin hope you and yer lovly lady had a good time
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halloween weekend

if any of you are coming out this weekend [halloween] , and you wear a costume i will put you in the parade with my crew and if you want you can participate in my BIG halloween event if you want to , tunns of fun and you get to scare the crap out of people !!!!
Thanks Slayer!
Had an awesome time meeting you and your lovely wife, Lady Spice! Haha
Can't wait until next year!!

I'll have to head up sometime and check out y'alls studio, it's sounds awesome!
I brought a group and came out Saturday, thanks for the tickets again, everybody had a fantastic time.
i saw the fallout costume and lancer at that haunted castle place and the guy working there personally showed me those because i brought my ben carmine helment (which was also made in pepakura) but sadly he thought it was a dare helment since it was my first build and i didnt do very good
sorry , it looked like a dare helmet , and yes i showed you the suit and the props , btw i dont work there i own the attraction .,, and you just necro posted
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