TurboCharizard Makes an ODST

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Maybe it's to charge her Power Ring if she holds it to her chest.

Do I get my American hot dogs now?
If there's a Door Dash or similar delivery service, I'll hook you up.

Armoursmith: Hoy high is the poly count on your armour?
Turbo: Yes.
For example:
Low poly thigh ~100k polycount​
Print quality thigh ~550k polycount​

Hopefully I can squeeze the helmet variants in without Armorsmith tipping over. I may have to resort to the Frankenhelmet style that I've done in Fusion previously.
Resorted to reddit for the dare question


I don’t think there’s a second place prize is there?

Edit: Other people say It's essentially a mating call for ODST's. It's like how birds find mates. The flashier they are, the higher potential of mating. Edit 2: This was backed up by another user who said dare didn't get enough attention by wearing recon so she added lights to make it even more eye catching.

Someone else just wrote 'Tanning Salon' if anyone can make anything of that
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Ten points to whomever can find a canon explanation of what the glowy green orb does other than give away DARE's position.
(kracks knuckles) lets take a shot at this. From what i learned the little belly bit regular odst's have on their armor is a small computer processing the data it then feeds to the helmet. on of those programs is VISR. As for Miss Naval intellegence. She needs more processing and storage power to collect all that sweet sweet intel.

i think the green orb is some kind of scanner taking in all the enviromental information.

(dangit, thought i had this in the bag XD )
Is there any ETA until the files are released? Seriously considering just caning my current build to go with this one. This looks incredible
I'm aiming to have file packs available for Valentines Day (ladies like armour plating) but if there's a few pieces you need right away I'm always down to have more people testing parts and looking for dumb mistakes.
Still going for Valentines Day. I'll be doing an update post later on tonight with the new models I've finished off these past few days as well as photos of test prints.
I slightly lied that in that there's no photos for this update, just the screengrabs of progress of models. Of the things that have been designed I still need to finish the test prints of everything in this post for the obvious reason that they're fresh out of Fusion 360. The Recon helmet is about 20hours into the printing on two machines and everything is looking good. Hopefully I can get some nice photos tomorrow like in previous posts of the ONI plate carrier, two other shoulders and some other stuff like molds and whatever I'm forgetting in the pile.

First up for the designs is Miss Naval Intelligence's headset. This one is a bit of an interesting build since the earpieces are likely fine on their own but the bands between are going to need to be scaled to wearer for comfort. There are recesses for LEDs in the boxes at the temples but overall I'm not entirely sure where the battery/wires into the cases will go because extremely limited space.

I had mentioned the Recon helmet in the intro, here's the Recon helmet. I'm not entirely pleased with the Fusion update that shows tris from the Form workspace in three faces in the Model workspace now but c'est la vie. If the preview looks not so great but the model looks awesome, that's a tradeoff I'm willing to take.

Current project is cleaning this up and getting ready for detailing. Hopefully everything works out that the Recon helmet finishes printing tomorrow evening and this helmet in the base form goes on. I'll likely have to print the Dutch variant as a separate piece but the Buck/Mickey/Romeo attachments can be slap on attachments for the base form. I'm not sure if the file packs will have variants for the attachments for ease of printing (hollowed out sniper attachment or a HU/RS holder).

The Armorsmith update is live and I've buried the avatar in stuff. More stuff to be added hopefully tomorrow.
Are you re-doing you base ODST helmet? I swear you had one up on Etsy already
Yes and no. I did the Reach ODST helmet and then made a little cover to make the ear panels look more like the H3ODST ODST helmet but there's too many small inconsistencies that It got to me.
Looks like he did the Reach version. This one is the Halo 3 ODST version (i believe)

they do look quite alike though :unsure:
This post is brought to you by the letter ALPHA and the number NINE. I've finished all helmet variants that appear within Halo 3 ODST so hooray I guess?

First up is The Rookie or the default ODST if you don't like being the strong silent type.

Then we have Edward Buck with the Command Network Module.

Taylor "Dutch" Miles with the Up Armour Plating.

Michael "Mickey" Crespo with the HU/RS attachment (name tape not pictured).

Kojo "Romeo" Agu with the Sharpshooter attachment (and two more Buck-les that weren't accounted for before!).

And then last but not least is Jimathon who is far too hyperactive and has them all.

Homestretch! At this point it's a lot of cleanup, organization and making sure I haven't missed anything.
Hello this is Turbo after an interesting week of not much else than Fusion, doing a 405th stream with some lovelies and running a D&D session for some nerds. Is this the vacation time that I had hoped for? Heck yeah. Either way, we're through everything now. It's all done and I'm in the process of error checking files in multiple slicers and tools and bundling everything into nice little packages, all things considered it's a bit tedious and I'm totally not posting this update to get a mental break from it.

I think the logical first thing to show you is the attachments since they get used in a variety of places elsewhere and on a variety of characters in interesting ways. The magazine cases get strapped onto chests, legs and rucksacks pretty much anywhere room is available (read Dutch covered in pouches) and are fairly versatile. These two are effectively boxes that close snugly and have room for a magnetic closure to keep things secure.

The little utility pouches are plastered over legs wherever ODSTs can find room and if there isn't room a belt is strapped to the back and they make room. The rounded one is the only pouch that appears to be made of fabric in the game texture so I've made this into a Pepakura file to be sewn or made in foam. The small tuck box is hinged and pretty cute. Much like most of my designs a simple 5mm rod of some sort is all that's needed for a pin to make the hinge work.

The odd one out that threw me for the biggest loop is Mickey's ammo belt. It's a similar diameter to the HIPPO rounds of the M90, but not exact and about half as long. What I ended up doing was making a casing to hold each mystery round and be looped through a belt to have some flexibility which will help with the shins removable heel plate. Each belt he wears has 16 rounds so he's ready to go, what he's loading these into, I don't know. Maybe we can argue that he canonically has a Mauler since that would be four reloads?

Buck has a knife. A Buck Knife. That is all.

Remember how I said that Dutch used ever single available surface for storage? Yeah, his rucksack which although already large enough for a week's worth of Lunchables he has an extra seven magazine cases. Through this whole process I've been enjoying finding all the assets that were reused in different places to add some extra flavour. On the side wings of the case Dutch just has an upscaled in two axes version of the small magazine case to make him look even wider.

Continuing with asset reuse, Mickey's pack absorbed Dare's stretched it out, ripped the control panel off the side and added a few bits to make it look like a telephone. Needless to say this is a funny one for storage since access between the two major compartments is a little pinchy at the join so the top plate of the right half is removable and the section that looks like a power cell on the left half is removable to grant easy access for ODST granola bars.

So with that, you've seen every piece of armour and equipment that appears on the named protagonists of Halo 3: ODST. Thank you for joining me through this weird obsession project. From this point forward this thread will be a lot of in shop photos and physical progress as opposed to walls of images from Fusion 360 and Armorsmith. For now though I'd like to leave you with this lineup of burying an Armorsmith avatar.

And as is tradition, the Towering Pillar of Helmets grows.
It's late Saturday night, I have rum and I'm playing the game of "will this set my PC on fire" to make cool graphics to go with the file packs.

May I present to you my newest piece of art I like to call "Things You Probably Shouldn't Do In Fusion".
The PC didn't catch fire and I got a bunch of cool drawings in the process. I apologize in advance to people who will have to scroll past this post but at this point I'm pretty pleased with how everything turned out.

ODST Armour Set and ONI Alternate Set
ODST Armour Drawing.png
ONI Armour Drawing.png

ODST Helmets of Various Varieties
ODST HelmetDrawing.png
Buck Helmet Drawing.png

Dutch Helmet Drawing.png
Mickey Helmet Drawing.png

Romeo Helmet Drawing.png

Rucksacks of All Varieties
ODST Ruck Drawing.png
Dare Ruck Drawing.png

Radio Ruck Drawing.png
Dutch Ruck Drawing.png

Shoulder Variants
ODST ShoulderDrawing.png
CQB ShoulderDrawing.png

Sharpshooter ShoulderDrawing.png

Dare Headwear
Dare HeadsetDrawing.png
Recon Helmet Drawing.png

Tomorrow is a holiday so I'll post some more of the finished photos of test prints and maybe even play a videogame that isn't Fusion 360!


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I want a Dare headset :O

These files in my eyes are the one, the absolute gold standard! I may not be able to use any right now but I sincerely hope these files reach the level of a Sean Bradley ODST kit, a WOF Fett template set, etc

Absolutely beautiful work my friend, keep it up
I want a Dare headset :O

These files in my eyes are the one, the absolute gold standard! I may not be able to use any right now but I sincerely hope these files reach the level of a Sean Bradley ODST kit, a WOF Fett template set, etc

Absolutely beautiful work my friend, keep it up
If you want to send me a message with a mailing address I could hook you up.
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