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Me and my friend have started a side project, he works on cars so we are going to get a scrap frame and then build a warthog frame onto it. We also will try to make it drivable, so we can go around town in armor and a warthog. :D
Weta's got drivable warthogs.. no pics yet, but it was mentioned in EGM (I picked up a copy last night).

I can only imagine the scale of them.. those things are monstrous.

If I did a warthog it would be scaled to a normal vehicle, but of course I dont have the luxury of a feature film where you can actually do something with a fullsized version.

It's about a lane and a half wide, and 8 feet tall.. I forget how long it is, but that thing is huge.
I stumbled across this again. found it a while back but lost it. its a "warthog"....kind of. :twisted:


Christ, if you could afford a peugeot concept car, you might as well pay to have someone make the warthog for you.

The Jeep Hurricane concept car is closer in my estimation, and I would imagine, cheaper.

BTW- the Gauss Warthog is 19.65 feet long.. and about 8 feet tall (not including the gun). The seats are centered between the front and back wheels, and the tires are about 7 inches under 4 feet tall and approximately half as wide as they are tall.

The tire treads alone would weigh in approximately 200-210 pounds a piece without the hub.

The split drivetrain uses a split axle and a levered independent suspension system. It's visually based on the same kind used by the very serious off-road vehicles to drive over boulders, but the warthog body isn't large enough to conceal that system and still have room for an engine.

To power this to run at highway speeds with tires that size and approximated weight, you'd need approximately an 8-10 gear customized transmission hooked to perhaps a diesal engine. Not quite the size on a diesal semi tractor engine, but not too far from it.

You need massive amounts of torque and very little speed. Every time the tire's rolled a full rotation, you'd travel about 12.5 feet (maybe twice the distance a normal tire travels). It'd strip a regular transmission very quickly. The Torque it would need to deliver would cause a serious mounting problem unless the warthog weighed a WHOLE hell of a lot..

Or at least that's what B.A. Barrackus would tell you


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fightstar said:
Redsleighdown - I remember this thing. Looks like a....like a BIG cat. You know like a Puma!


nah, you see these two toe hoofs, they look like tusks.... :rofl:
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maybe we all should write them and tell them we need that jeep so we can have our warthog
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