What do YOU do when your'e bored?

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Um welll when I'm bored i either ... call my ;) "friend" ;) Ashley ... scew around/glitch in Halo 2 ... um something most of us guys do when were bored (lets leave it at that) ... and uhh draw
Playing music on my Yamaha synthesizer, trying to improvise. Or doing music on flute, I have two flutes - plastic and wood. Planning to buy a tenor saxophone :)
boredom is being to lazy to get off your butt and do something productive.

hence, when I'm bored, I work on costuming stuff, or some personal 3d projects, or updating my website, or freelance work, or any number of productive activities :p
Okay, my first post was a joke. :)

Play the piano and write down new songs.
Bring out the SNES and N64 and rebeat old games.
Watch TV
Work on models
Ride my dads Motorcycle around (On warm days)
Go through my room and clean it up
In any order:

- Think about the cosmic ways of life.
- Play N-Game
- Play PS3
- Continue building FS's helmet. (GD you for making it so awesome.)
- Read up on my motorcycle license test.
- Play TFT.
- Browse the 405th.
- Watch movies.
I do:
-Doodle in Photoshop
-Doodle on Paper
-Play H3
-Play WoW
-go on YIM and see if my nerdy friends are active.
-play WoW
-play more WoW.
-WoW WoW WoW
-Work on various projects
-Clean for no reason what-so-ever
-Look at pictures of my friends
-watch TV
-Listen to Music
-Play WoW(frost-shocking, isn't it :p)
Grunts Deserve Shields Too said:
Um welll when I'm bored i ... um something most of us guys do when were bored (lets leave it at that)

dats the spirit! :whistle:
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Look at a countdown of my projected days left to live. I clicked past 20,000 yesterday.

Usually that's motivation enough to find something productive to work on.
Spartan-118 said:
I never get bored. I either play Guild Wars, surf youtube/metacafe, or Get on msn.

guild wars, eh? me too

i also
watch tv

type rants about microsoft

video games
hang out with friends

play AA :p
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I take apart my computer and put it back together.
I use cheats on 3D Pinball Space Cadet For Windows.
I build with my Lego collection.
I come here.

1. play halo 1 (dont have an xbox or a good enough pc for halo 2)
2. work on my pep helm alittle.
3. throw knives in my backyard (great stress relief (y) )
4. mess with my aquarium and think of ways to improve it.
5. read up on aquarium crap.
6. more aquarium crap.
7. alittle this and alittle that.

not in any of that order either.
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