What music are you listening to currently?

Lets start a thread about what music you are currently listening to.

Right now I'm listening to We Interupt this program (Einmusik Remix) by coburn.


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Those guys remind me of my brother. He mastered all of those moves at the metal stage when he was on warped tour a few years ago.

Currently listening to Sweet Home Alabama/practicing it.


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Lol... Beat this:

I got it stuck in my head... Reminds me of Kingdom Hearts... :p
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Trace Adkins
Brad Paisely
Taylor Swift
Smashing Pumpkins
George Jones
Hank Williams
Waylon Jennings
George Strait
Clint Black
Niel McCoy


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Lots of the cd duderanch by blink 182, the cd tell all your friends by TBS, and alot of just random metal. oh and Take on me by A-HA

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Macattack64 said:
Lol... Beat this:

I got it stuck in my head... Reminds me of Kingdom Hearts... :p
I love Nightmare Before Christmas! One of my favorite movies haha!

Im listening to A Decade Under the Influence by Taking Back Sunday.
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SPARTAN405 said:
Waters of Nazareth, by Justice
as you can see I love techno and electronica.
I love that song... One of my favs from Justice, Well that and D.A.N.C.E.

I listen to RHCP, Fatboyslim, Justice, Armand Van Halen and heaps of other stuff (y) .... Right now i'm listening to "Waiting For The World To Change" by John Mayer
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"Roll Out: Featuring the Malachi Brothers", Tony Bacala.

Transformers Techno-Rap. Nothing better to do Quantitative Analysis Chemistry lab reports to. :D