What's Your Printer?

Elegoo Neptune 2S
Print Volume: 220 x 220 x 260
Mods: Dual 4010 fans, BMG clone extruder, silicone bed springs, Micro Swiss clone hotend, BLtouch clone, Capricorn tubing
Notable Prints: Accessories for my espresso machine, components for an enclosure/shelf unit and drawers, a Cattleman/SAA revolver for my Ocelot cosplay, an M7S SMG, and I have a number of prints planned for my upcoming ODST cosplay.

First machine, had it for a little over a year. Getting into the hobby has been a sometimes frustrating but always rewarding experience.
Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro
225mm x 225mm x 280mm
So far a bunch of different things, mostly practical tools or organizational items, as well as a handful of Christmas gifts. I'm in the process of printing Galactic Armory's Battle Rifle at the moment, and finding I wish I had a larger print bed, but overall having fun with it. I aim to complete a full set of armor this year, time permitting.
Are we gonna have a big get-together where we can take our printers out to meet each other? It's OK, mine is really friendly, but I can bring a power cable leash if I need to.
Did I join the thread to Late or did I miss the meet-up? HAHAHA Awesome line!

Myself I have a
Tronxy XY-2 Pro with Dual Extruder
Bed Size: 250mm x 250mm x 260mm
Modifications: None

I started off with printing some basics such as Paw Patrol and Pokémon for my kiddos (6 of them) to paint.
Once I started getting comfortable with that I moved onto printing BattleTech figures, those miniatures are a pain LOL but my son really enjoys the game so we print the mechs we can't get in store.

The wife loves Grogu, so had to do some of for her, and kids kept misplacing switch games so a little case for that was born a couple weeks ago.

(Note: I do not take credit for the STL files just the printing, I'm just learning Blender to how to do my own)

I previously did the entire Master Chief costume in Papercraft but got busy with the kids and other life issues.

I've now started printing my first set on the 3d printer.

Have fun all!


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This question always seems to come up a decent bit so I figured "why not just make a thread?"

Post your printer(s) you use for props and costumes and if you like them! This is to help newer people figure out what printer they may want for starting their costuming adventure
  1. Printer Name
  2. Bed size
  3. What you've printed on it
1. HP laser jet
2. 8.5" x 11" x .02"
3. mostly foam templates

I just wanted to be included <3
1. HP laser jet
2. 8.5" x 11" x .02"
3. mostly foam templates

I just wanted to be included <3
Nothing wrong with good Original Ink Jets ;), I have HP Envy myself for printing papercraft/foam pieces
Do you subscribe to the HP Insta-ink program if your in North America? I 100% recommend it, been with it for going on 3 years now and OMG it makes dealing with ink replacements a BREEZE, anytime i've gotten close to running out *poof* a new cartigate arrives at my door! It's Awesome! Was always a PITA going to stores to find them not having my cartriidge size in stock or the wrong color HAHAH.

There's currently a referral promo until end of January, Maybe February (2023) so if you want to try it out let me know and I'll post a referral code. :D
I have owned 2 ender 3's and gave up for 2 years after them because prints would fail due to numerous issues, I then hopped over to Prusa which are great printers with the MK3S and mini
But recently I switched over to the Bambu lab X1C with AMS and it is night and day different even with Prusas. The X1C feels like its generations ahead of a stagnant consumer 3D printer market. Prusas are great but they are still sitting on 2017 tech and with Babmu Lab hitting the market hard and firm, we are finilly going to see some competition again which is always good for the consumer.
The X1C shoots out prints unlike anything I've owned before, while at the same time better quality too.
Keep in mind though that the X1C is a closed system, unlike Prusa which is open source, and Bambu Lab is a new company. But I have faith that they know what they're doing if they can push out beast printers like the X1C as their first printer.
Ive decided to sell my prusas to pay for the x1c, because this thing prints faster than those combined, but I see why someone would rather have a safe option like the prusa which is open source.
Finally figured out (kinda) what I'm doing with 3D printers. So time to add myself onto this fun thread.

Back in October I purchased an Ender 3 to learn and maybe make pieces for armour and props. Well after messing it up by being a noob I have finally got it printing and made some armour pieces and am working on a helmet with it now. I upgraded to a dual gear extruder, changed to a Capricorn tube as well added a glass bed to fix the problems I was having due to a warped bed.

I saw some jokes about their inkjet printers but hey why not. I have a Canon Pro-100 from when I was a professional photographer. I've printed lots of photos on it, using a variety of papers. The printer can print up to 13x19. That thing has treated me well for close to 5 years.
FLsun Super Racer, 260x330. It's awesome watching a delta printer go, but if I could go back and get something with a bigger bed size I definitely would. Added a PEI spring steel magnetic bed, Capricorn tubing, OMGv2 extruder, custom spool roller, full sized Volcano heat block, new Volcano sized fan ducts, and 5015 blower fans. Been working well but I would love to have extra bed space. It's capable of printing fast, but I only really run at half speed for higher to keep the quality high so there's really not much point giving up the extra bed size for the speed. I was considering the Kobra Max, and if I had the space available to set it up I probably would have gone for it. All things considered though it's been a good machine so far, no issues that weren't my fault to begin with :lol:

This question always seems to come up a decent bit so I figured "why not just make a thread?"

Post your printer(s) you use for props and costumes and if you like them! This is to help newer people figure out what printer they may want for starting their costuming adventure
  1. Printer Name
  2. Bed size
  3. What you've printed on it
I have a Creality Ender 3 V2 named Yuri
She has a 220x220x250mm print bed size
As of right now I have printed a full Halo infinite sidekick and she will be printing more props and pieces of armor in the future
I've had a few over the years but now I'm working with the Ancubic Kobra Max 400x400x450mm Currently printing out a full set of ODST armor.
It's about 35% printed and I'll be starting my build thread soon for it.

I also use an Elegoo Mars 2 with a build volume of 129x80x160mm. Though mostly do miniatures on that though recently I made a few props for an Assassin's Creed Cosplay on it.
Then there's my old workhorse JGAurora A5 305x305x320mm that most recently completed a set of ODM Gear from Attack on Titan.

I've still got an old Ancubic Photon laying around my workshop though I haven't actually used it in a few years.
I have an Ender 5 Pro for about a year and it's dialed in pretty well. Small bed, 220x220, but it's great.
Then I had an Anycubic Chiron, 400x400, bought it used and had nothing but problems with it. Got lazy and instead of figuring out what's wrong, I sold it.
Then I got a Sovol SV03, refurb and have had a ton of issues. Sovol claims they inspect and test every printer before sending it out, well, there is NO way they tested this one. They sent me a bunch of parts and pieces and with some help, got it running pretty well. I don't trust it just yet, but the prints are getting better.

I REALLY want the Elegoo Neptune 3 Max!

Printed a Buzz Lightyear chest for a project, but now I want to print out Halo armor!


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Then I had an Anycubic Chiron, 400x400, bought it used and had nothing but problems with it.
I've got several Anycubic printers, both resin and FDM. They'll never get another dollar from me. I admit to falling victim of their advertising and that continual hope that the _next_ model will fix all the issues of the _last_ model. Then its the next. Then its the next. You always feel like you're rooting for the underdog and they will somehow have learned from the mistakes of the last one before making the next one.

The company ethos is: Put a bunch of features in so it looks great on paper. $1500 in spec on paper with a price tag of $900 and people will flock to it. And they do. Then nothing gets fixed. Firmware is never updated. They cheap out at the last moment every time, every model. They are always right on the edge of something great. Whether its the M3Max or the KobraMax their latest model is always on the verge of being amazing. Then they sh*t the bed trying to save $20. Cheap plastic gearing on extruders or the junkiest bearings on the planet... horrible assembly with LEDs half off the board or cables inside the machine barely connecting... $5 LCD panel instead of a $8 panel that would have made all the difference...

Then the next month there is a new model. And they promise that all the fixes people have been waiting for are now included in the new machine. Only that doesn't happen. From MonoX4k, to MonoX6k, to M3Max... There's always something that hooks you like an increase in resolution, size or the auto feed. Then you put it on the bench and it doesn't work. or it more often it *sorta works* sometimes. I've had the autofeed work great 3 jobs in a row, then on the 4th job find the vat empty in the morning and a 25% print hanging on the platform. It just never feed any resin.

I honestly feel Anycubic has the potential to make some kick-a** machines. All they'd have to do is quit cheaping out on parts and labor and production schedule. I don't give a rats a** if the machine is $800 or $1500 if it were reliable, robust and worked at the quality that is promised. I have a freaking $4,000 Mega8k sitting right across from the M3Max to prove that. And I think most of us are that way. We'd rather spend $1500 on a machine we love using and have confidence in. ANd then we'd buy another one later, or the next model in a year. Instead, tons of us keep posting "I'll never give anycubic another dollar" - and I think that's a shame for a company and a product line that is _this close_ to putting out a spectacular line of machines.
Joining the party here!

As of right now, I have one unnamed friend (name coming soon).

Ender 3 Pro

It has several upgrades and modifications on it. Silent motherboard, dual z-axis, CR-Touch, just to name a few. Some of those may have been unnecessary, but now this thing is a tank. I've put countless hours of print time on it. It's printed literally everything I have ever printed. My Mark V(B) suit, a few helmets, a DMR, an S7, and a bunch of little prints for myself and friends. It's caused me a few headaches over the last year and a half, but I've got it runnin' real good now! (Knock on wood...)

I've got a new friend on the way as well. Also yet to be named...

Creality CR-10 V3

Printed: Nothing yet lol
Hey all we've got a new thread up to try and gather some more community feedback on printers & useful suggestions for those getting into 3d printing. Please drop a comment on there if you can!

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