What's Your Printer?

so the family has been a ender 3, and ender 3 s1 plus and an ender 5 plus but then Invidiax4fan showed me the awesome power of the bambu x1 carbon, and I picked one up after thinking about it non stop for a week, its amazing, thinking about selling my other printers and picking up a second one. if they ever come out with one with a larger bed size I would buy it day one. its not only 4-6 times faster than my other printers the quality is leagues above anything else I've ever used. and there's very little maintenance when compared to other printers and almost no calibration, if there is an issue the printer usually informs me of it and how to fix it saving me countless hours trying to trouble shoot. the price is high, but its worth it. hatchbox petg filament
I have 3 printers now! Stats are as follow:

Name: Creality cr-10S
Bed: 300x300x400MM
printed: Alot. I have printed anywhere from controller wall mounts, to prop knives, to full sized Mandalorian helmets in one piece

Name: Creality CR-10 V2
Bed: 300x300x400MM
Printed: same as the 10S. Its very quiet and very stable

I have a third Creality CR-10S i believe, from a good friend but haven't personally printed on it yet, as i need to fix something on it. I've trusted my two main printers with multi-day prints (10 days is current PR) and I haven't had issues replacing pieces as they wear out and break. I've owned printers since late 2019 and don't regret it at all!
This question always seems to come up a decent bit so I figured "why not just make a thread?"

Post your printer(s) you use for props and costumes and if you like them! This is to help newer people figure out what printer they may want for starting their costuming adventure
  1. Printer Name
  2. Bed size
  3. What you've printed on it
Ender 3 Max but i like to call it caboose
20.2 x 22.17 x 23.23 inches
Helmets, armor pieces, smaller weapons
Two Current Printers:

Prusa i3MK3s
25 x 21 x 21
I have over 300 days of print time on this beast. I've printed my entire MKVI suit and many props. I've also printed a bunch of non-Halo things too

Prusa Mini
18 x 18 x 18
Picked this up earlier this year and have been using it to crank out smaller stuff while the bigger printer is going.

I also might have a bigger Core XY printer on order too...

My larger Core XY printer finally came in! (just took quite a while)

MicrosoftTeams-image (21).jpg

I was able to finish the assembly last night and can't wait to really get printing on this beast.

Comparison of the build plate from my MK3 vs the XL.
I recently got a Sovol SV06 Plus on a recommendation from a coworker. Its 300x300x340 which is just big enough to build a helmet (though I ended up splitting my helmet to save on support material). I got it for $230 on sale which I think its a really good value based on how well it performed out of the box. This gauntlet was printed on day 1, right after the test print and bed calibration:



I also like that it has a much more active community than my last printer, so there's a lot more support and STLs for accessories/upgrades. I did come home to a couple prints having been knocked off the bed but after enabling zhop that seems to have resolved that. Reading through other commentary online folks had a lot of issues with the z motor mounts not being square and some of the bearings arriving broken, but it seems they've either fixed those issues or I got lucky. My biggest complaint is that it uses a weird custom nozzle and they have not released 0.6mm brass nozzles yet.

So far I've done both gauntlets, both biceps, hand guards, and a combat knife. Currently printing the top half of my Mark V B Helmet:

Changed up my printers. I now have an Elegoo Neptune 3 max, neptune 3 plus, and a Bambu Labs P1S w/ AMS unit (for multicolor prints). I started a small print farm side business, so i needed so good printers for that. lol
I have a elegoo neptune 3 plus and neptune 3 pro (smaller). Both are phenomenal printers with direct drive and a pei sheet bed + many more features. The bed size of the plus is 300x300x400 and the pro is 225x225x300. The pro ive had for a bit and printed many many things, including iron man helmets and various parts of an mkvii, tpu and pla alike. Most beceps and forearms will fit in the pro, whereas the bigger pieces such as thighs, belts and helmets, etc. will need to be printed on the plus, which ive printed the belt on. both of these printers produce stunning quality prints so much that i start sanding at 120 with a power sander, but you could probably go even high than that. Highly recommend both.
I have as follows by how much I like them right now...

Prusa Mk3s+
25x21x21 cm
Revo upgraded and is my favorite right now. That sometimes changes with the Mini.

Prusa Mini
18x18x18 cm
Revo upgraded and a printer that churns out amazing results no matter what you throw at it.

FLSUN v400
Ø300 x 410 mm
Crazy speeds and excellent quality delta printer with a large build area. Comes with Klipper preinstalled I love it.

Ender 5+
35x35x40 cm
Revo upgraded and honestly the bare minimum for a printer. Its mess of firmware and code make it frustrating to use and the build often produces bad z wobble. The size makes up for it but not by much.

Ender 5+*
35x34x39 cm
Full klipper update with larger motors, ball screws, linear rail on x, Hemera Revo, Robin nano v3 board with 2209 stepper drivers. Probably shouldn't have put the ball screws on due to rigidity issues but here we are. Full linux install and setup with a spare computer lying around and it works almost too well. Overextrudes like crazy at normal speeds and was a whole project to put together. Well worth it though had a lot of fun.

Creality LD-006
192x120x250 mm
Pretty standard resin printer. Good for parts I dont want to FDM. (rare)

Lulzbot mini
152x152x158 mm
Old printer gifted to me. Still takes 3mm filament. still works after a ton of abuse though.

Ender 3 clone*
235x235x240 mm
Weird frankenstein machine that runs klipper. Bricked itsself after a little bit. Unuseable atm.

Ender 3 Extended*
400x400x250 mm
I made mistakes. It doesn't work really. Would not recommend the Ender Extender.

225x145x150 mm
Fun little printer that I feel is outdated.
I just got me one of them new fangled bambu P1S printers with AMS. Boy does it print stuff out super fast and smooth
printer name: Roxanne ender 3
mods: glass bed, upgraded hot end and bl touch.

I have printed all the normal benchies, prints from cults 3d and requests from friends. I am about to start printing props amd armor off of it. I can't wait to see what it can do amd I will post updates on what is being printed.
Currently running 3 printers...

Ender-5 Pro (First printer)
- Had this one for about 5 years, and still going strong. It's now a TPU printing beast.
- Upgraded the Hot End, converted to Direct Drive Extruder, added belt tensioners, and CR Touch
- 220x220x300
- Over the years, I've had my issues and frustrations with this one. But honestly, that taught me so much about fixing my printers. The screen is pixelated and janky, but I view it as character. Now I can read it just fine. Lol.
- Everything I printed before this year was done on my Ender-5; Mando helmets, Master Chief helmets, Iron Man helmets, Mjolnir hammer, etc...

Creality K1
- 220x220x250
- I know there's a lot of negative feedback about the K1, but this thing has worked perfectly for me from day 1 and I love the speed of these newer printers.
- Only mod I made was to replace the factory PTFE tube with an actual Capricorn PTFE.
- Mainly been using this and my K1 Max to work on my full Master Chief armor.

Creality K1 Max
- 300x300x300
- I've been wanting a larger printer for a while, so I could one-shot helmet prints. Now I'm using it for the larger pieces of my Master Chief armor.
- This thing is a work horse, and has been running almost non-stop since I got it.

Here's the link for my Full Master Chief Armor thread, if you wanna follow along or drop any expert tips you might have!

I am so pleased to announce, I have a functioning printer! His name is Barrett and he currently only speaks Chinese. My biggest issue before was bed adhesion and I had tried numerous settings and applications, but in the end I upgraded to a PEI bed and that did the trick.

Ender 5+ (+)
350 x 350 x 400
+PEI print bed
+metal extruder
+silent board

My first print was 16 corner brackets to really square this thing up and now it is off to the races. Everything is coming out real good.
The printer I have is an Ender 5 Pro, which I upgraded the extruder and hot end on. It now has the Micro Swiss direct drive extruder. Since adding it, I have noticed a huge improvement in print quality (and consistency) compared to what it was before.

The printer has been a trooper and I haven't had any major issues with it... But I hope to get a 5 Plus model soon because I reeaally need more print space.
Two Current Printers:

Prusa i3MK3s
25 x 21 x 21
I have over 300 days of print time on this beast. I've printed my entire MKVI suit and many props. I've also printed a bunch of non-Halo things too

Prusa Mini
18 x 18 x 18
Picked this up earlier this year and have been using it to crank out smaller stuff while the bigger printer is going.

I also might have a bigger Core XY printer on order too...

Update to my current printer Situation:

Currently have 4 Printers Now:

Prusa i3MK3s - 0.4 Nozzle
25 x 21 x 21
I have over 400 days of print time on this beast. I've printed my entire MKVI suit and many props. I've also printed a bunch of non-Halo things too

Prusa Mini - 0.4 Nozzle
18 x 18 x 18
Great smaller machine that I use for smaller bits when the larger machines are working.

Prusa XL - 0.6 Nozzle
36 x 36 x 36
Over 30 days of print time on this machine already. I love how fast it prints, even without input shaping yet. It is amazing for printing larger pieces and you can hardly tell the difference with the 0.6 Nozzle.

Prusa MK4 - 0.4 Nozzle*
25 x 21 x 22
Just got this machine last week and still working on getting it assembled. Excited to have another printer like my MK3. I might switch this one to a 0.6 nozzle given my experiences with the XL

Overall it is pretty obvious that I love my Prusa Machines. I fully acknowledge that you pay a premium for them, but I feel it is entirely worth it. I also feel extremely comfortable working in Prusa Slicer and love the integration it has to send prints directly to the machines over my home network.
hey ! I started with an Anycubic Mega S, upgraded to an Anycubic Mega X. I now have a Elegoo Nepture 3 Max that will print my Halo costume.

  1. Printer Name: Anycubic Mega S
  2. Bed size: 210 x 210 x 205
  3. What you've printed on it: A lot of ship model from the game Red Planet, Virtual World. Some weapon from Star Wars cosplay and many other things.

  4. Printer Name: Anycubic Mega X
  5. Bed size: 300 x 300 x 305
  6. What you've printed on it: A couple of helmets and a full Buzz Lightyear cosplay.

  7. Printer Name: Elegoo Neptune 3 Max
  8. Bed size: 420 x 420 x 500
  9. What you've printed on it: So far an ODST helmet and currently plan for a full Jun Halo Reach cosplay.
Printer: Ender 3
Bed size: 220 x 220 x 250
What I've printed: Forearm armour, a magnum, a halo 5 scout helmet, a halo 4 air assault helmet, bicep armour (all sliced into smaller pieces)

I'd recommend it as a printer to learn on but it really is lacking in bed size and speed, other than that it's never given me any problems other than nozzle changes very occasionally. I would say that its better to keep it running rather than leave it idle for long periods of time as I found that if I left it not printing for a few months I would have to do some extra maintenance as opposed to keeping it printing and needing less overall maintenance (of course could just be my experience)

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