Whats Your Ringtone Right Now?

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Whats Your Ringtone, Txt Sound thing etc. My ringtone is D.A.N.C.E by Justice, but i couldn't be bothered getting more because i have to pay for mine, i got a crappy LG U8330 and i didn't get a usb cable with it...
DavidHouston said:
Buckethead - Jordan

Hell to the yea.

Mine is Final Fantasy 7 Victory theme.

10pts to anyone who saw advent children. lol
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Angel to you, Devil to me - The Click Five.

One of the only songs I like and supposedly, it personifies me, whether that's good or bad, I'll never know.
It was the Halo theme for a while.
Ironcobra3000 said:
I don't have a cell phone :(

Hmm well at least ppl can't bug you with drunk calls at 3am! Kudos to that at least :D
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My ring tone is American Idiot by green day (i probley shouldn't have said that to a bunch of americans lol)
and txt tune is Thunderstruck by ACDC
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