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Where do I get Clay, Silicon, Plastic, FaceShields etc

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Adam, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Adam

    Adam Community Founder

  2. darkesword2020

    darkesword2020 Well-Known Member

    This was a great idea Adam haha.

    Might wanna sticky it.

    I'll add more links once I get back from my kayak trip with my youth group tommorow. ;-)
  3. Sarge Christi

    Sarge Christi Well-Known Member

    Thanks addy my friend. I needed the rubber thing.
  4. TheBlue

    TheBlue Well-Known Member

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  5. Ironcobra3000

    Ironcobra3000 Well-Known Member

    Great Idea Adam!
  6. drgon47


    Im fixing to order some clay. Im guessing that the "hard" clay would stand up best to the molding process, but might be a bit hard to work with. Allthough i've never worked with clay, so anyone with any input ?
  7. Adam

    Adam Community Founder

    softer the clay, the easier to shape - harder the clay, the better the details show up.

    I got soft myself
  8. Fragclone

    Fragclone Well-Known Member

    that exo/700 helmet thing looks great for an odst. i think i might buy it :3
  9. Silverzippo93

    Silverzippo93 Well-Known Member

    What hardness of clay do I use for making a 2 part mold? (Making the mold, not sculpting the piece I want molded.)

    And how many pounds do I need for a pistol sized mold?
  10. Digital Demise

    Digital Demise New Member

    I am wondering if the visor that you linkedto is the best for a pep or any other helm and if not what is?
  11. Sean Bradley

    Sean Bradley

    It'll work just fine. There are many suppliers out there... search for "HJC Replacement Facshields" on Google , and hunt down the best price.

    I've bought from Helmets Ect, Rockhead Bikes, and Sandhill Powersports.... but you can also find these on ebay.
  12. irvinelax

    irvinelax Jr Member

    nice fan from here its actually mean for masks and easy installation http://www.protopaintball.com/productsmain.html
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  13. drgon47


    Wow. I'm in deep now. I just ordered 600+ dollars worth of silicone, and urethane plastics.

    Im hoping to have my pistol molded and cast before the H3 launch to go with my suit that hopefully will be done by then as well...

  14. kilo64

    kilo64 New Member

    One thing I never got around to buy was clay. Is it reuseable after casts or is it a one time thing?
  15. Damien

    Damien Well-Known Member

    resusable, what hardness of clay should i get?
  16. LastSpartan

    LastSpartan Sr Member

    I think I'll get the medium one. But what you do to smooth it? Can you sand it?
  17. BlueRealm

    BlueRealm Active Member

    Which helmet liner did you get? Do you have any pics of it installed?
  18. Mandalore

    Mandalore New Member

    what works best for casting a full sute of Mjolnir armor that will hold up to paintball wars? o_O
  19. Adam, what do you cast your armor out of?
  20. Stealthkiller24

    Stealthkiller24 Jr Member

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  21. Ya seriously some one should make a step by step video/pics of how to make a suit and then write about it step by step. That would be perfect.
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    iHMAFREAK New Member

    Hey im wondering if this clay is alright http://www.dickblick.com/zz332/32/ ? its cause dick blick is the only place that i know where i can get art stuff and at a decent price (which i think it is)
  23. zeronifty

    zeronifty Jr Member

    Much thanks for the links Adam, I have been debating making a suit for some time and after looking over yours and BR's work I am inspired to do so even more now.
    Both you and BR have set the bar in armor making, and in a way your fantastic work only makes the community better by pushing us all to our fullest potential.

    Smooth On is a GREAT resource that I never even knew existed!
  24. Spartan 117 Drums

    Spartan 117 Drums New Member

    Thank you Adam, I don't know what we would do without you. :lol:
  25. derek

    derek New Member

    yea that clay would work i hve been modling for a couples of years and i use something simmilar
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017

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