Halo Reach Spartan III Soft Parts Reference


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In the Halo Museum there's a full scale statue of each of Noble Team which is awesome. Kat and Emile are in easily accessible locations to take photos of, Carter and Jun were in a no photos allowed section unfortunately and Jorge has so much armour that it wasn't worth taking pictures of his non-visible squishy bits.

The good news is I was able to take pictures of the slight differences that are in the male and female Spartan III under suits. The even better news is that my suit is almost 100% accurate to these versions, there's a few small things that I didn't have or the positioning was slightly different.

The primary difference I could spot was the vented back pockets on the female suit are either slightly smaller or the difference in the pose between Kat and Emile obscured panels, Kat has three panels to the venting and Emile has four. On the female under suit as well there's an extra seam at the hip that adds another lighter toned panel that slips under the top of the thigh armour. Kat's armour is also less bulky so she's awesome for taking pictures of the hard to see detail spots that get eaten up by joints on action figures!

Female Spartan III Legs.

This photo is the clearest one I could find of the elbow padding that is part of the suit and isn't part of the bicep or gauntlet.

Male Spartan III


Lighter gray section at the hip is either obscured by the armour or not present on the male suit. Also a picture of detailing not visible on certain Armoury patterns.

Knee seams and detailing as well as closures for the hard case attachment.

Seam at the crotch of both male and female Spartan IIIs follows the leg line which is easier for sewing, Thanks Bungie!

Lighting was directly overhead Emile so I couldn't get a fantastic shot with my phone of the neck seal unfortunately.