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Would you say your....

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I haven't been super active lately but I know ppl see the banner and the logo every day when they browse. Even if I'm not online, my work's floating around, which makes me happy.


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I didn't even bother to put my vote in the poll. Why? Because I have no bloody clue just where I'd fit into those categories.

I've posted maybe half a dozen pics of my as-yet-unfinished Mk VI helmet (and that's all I've done on my armour so far, and I started it back in July of last year), and on occasion post somewhat insightful/helpful replies here and there.

Aside from that, I haven't really contributed much at all here. Probably only really known or recognized by about a dozen of the regular members, if that.

Speaking for myself, I recognize many of the membership here either by thier User Name or avatar pic. Sometimes both. I'm not sure just how many people I know/recognize, but it's quite a few... :whistle:


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That one adam guy....who he? I dont ever see him post

Lol jk, everyone knows who Adam is, he's like the #1 most popular person on this forum.

But srsly guyz, who r sean brad;y? :whistle:

spartan 1

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Well, I'm sure all the mods will remember me from my little... "escapade" in the hidden forum a while ago, but other than that, I doubt people will recognize me anymore :p

SGT Razor

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Twisting_Neather said:
Nobody knows who I am, and I've been here from the start... :cry: (y)
I even have two sets of armor......
I know who you are. I've seen your YouTube Videos. People aren't very nice to you on there...
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