Props Wow, New Weta Pictures

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Yeah, the brutes are really skinny. Also, you can tell that the fur is obviously not animal/alien fur. Looks too fake to me. D:


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Whew, Weta's props are so choice.

I really want breakdowns of how each are made :)

Skullcandy Girl

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LOoks dope, though the Brutes are dummy's for the live action reference plates, they would animate the full CG character on top of these.

Spartan 270

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DANG!! Those are some crazy props! Whoa, wait hold the phone. Does this mean there's going to be another short or something?


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Spartan 061 said:
Lazer Designator? WTH?
The item used by the helmetless ODST to identify Sierra 117 from the falling object.

You guys can have the weapons. I want the Hog.
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spartan 1

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Things I've noticed-

BR55- The light on the side is a nice touch
ODST- Visor looks too small
SPNKR- thing on back looks a little big
Plasma Pistol- Color is off
Marines- A tad chubby, dontcha think?
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