Xtremenoobs - Halo Infinite Build

I don't know much about catalina, so I can't help you there. But for VMs, Virtualbox work fine on mac. You may have some performance issues though depending on the mac you have. You could also install windows or linux alongside osx, but you have to decide that for yourself.
Found a more practical solution. I had an old windows laptop doing nothing but gathering dust. Downloaded pepakura to it and it works perfectly. The unfolding for the chest model...hell that took me a while to mimic a foam pattern akin to the one I had made from the Halo 3 model. Might even look into Armorsmith now that I have a functioning Windows Machine


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Xtremenoob, your stuff is always sooo amazing, i have no idea why i havent seen this yet but dear lord....ive always been a fan!