Your face.

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ive got a couple pics i can post

Us trying to get the Ghost of Onyx cover - sorry for the low res.

That's me! I've been working on the beard for a while

it's a thumbnail to the bigger picture on photobucket.
Someone has a Boba Fettish. Puns ftw.
Also once the local field is opened up, I'll take some airsoft pics. (those turn out to be the best of me)
I can't decide what's more awesome...Null's 'stache or his paintjob.

Anyways, referencing back to the first page, I think my glasses are awesomer. And if you like those, you should see the shorts I'm wearing in the photo. But most of you should just be thankful it's cropped at the waist.

nope mine are still better! lol! but seriously look back 3 pages and tell me those arent awesome... i dare you
Not open for further replies.