1st Build ZiggyGrimm's Halo Infinite Build - Fiberglass/ Carbonfiber Over Foam

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Some presents arrived today in the mail... I have to say, I couldn’t be happier with how well the helmet and visor fit together! *insert Ace Ventura: When Nature calls “LIKE A GLOVE!” meme here*



Up next? Wiring: fans, lights, and microphones! After that, planning out where I’m cutting out for some beautiful Carbon Fiber accents!
So, my carbon fiber FINALLY arrived... and I started the painting and cutting out process. I posted up some time lapses of the painting on my Instagram. Eventually I’ll make a big time lapse compilation of the whole build (at least parts of it) for YouTube and I’ll upload that here too. In the meantime... have some teasers!

I might do a separate thread as a helmet build tutorial. I’d keep this thread for the whole project. Thoughts?
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Spartans and Civilians (and everyone in between)! Welcome to my terrifyingly ambitious first Halo build. This summer (and beyond) I'll be building a non-canon Spartan suit based on the upcoming Halo Infinite game. This thread is going to be an overview of the whole process! It can also serve as a tutorial for how to fiberglass/ carbon fiber over foam (or I can post that separate, I'm new, I don't know how any of this works).

The major difference between this build and a traditional foam build is a few extra steps that give the foam the durability and accuracy of a 3d print, but with the weight of a (slightly heavier) foam build.

I will, of course, need everyone's help making some crucial decisions along the way as I am a bit of a n00b.

- Foam in various sizes and densities
- Fiberglass Mat/ Cloth (not the loose stuff... it is a pain for this)
- Carbon Fiber 1 & Carbon Fiber 2
- Resin for Carbon Fiber (super clear)
- Resin for Fiberglass (off-yellow normally, but we are going to paint it!)
- Suit lining material (black with some stretch... or leather if you can recycle it on the cheap via thrifting)
- Various buckles and straps
- Boa lace systems for the chest (not sure if this is brilliant or stupid)
- Heavy-duty magnets
- Lights (should I put in lights?)
- Fans (various)
- Speaker Systems (various)
- Power Banks (various)
- Spray glue and contact cement
- Spray paint and sealer
- Undersuit materials (To be determined)
- ???

Suit Components:
Helmet - Purchased from 39Bullets Airsoft (the non-airsoft cosplay version, don't worry moderators, there will be no airsoft talk in this post... I don't airsoft)
Helmet speaker system - see the awesome tutorial here by MoeSizzlac
Helmet Fan System - custom job... will need to assess space once the helmet arrives.
Visor - To be determined. (I'm open to suggestions!)
Torso by xtreemenoob - Infinite Chest low poly - I'm currently working on unfolding and sizing this in Pepakura for foam.
The rest of the body will be from MarineSniper and MoeSizzlac, who were gracious enough to pass their hard work along!

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That's pretty interesting
Not a huge update by any means... but I have the helmet painted and the visor installed. I've also inserted the wire mesh to all the outside facing areas like the visor brim and air vents on the side and rear of the helmet.

The electronics are assembled but need to be placed in the helmet still, I'm going to install the carbon fiber first. Unfortunately I can't do CF or fiberglass work in the cold Canadian winters as I don't have a fancy heated outdoor shop or anything.

As I wait I've started working on doing the Halo Infinite unfolds for foam from the work of marinesniper. I'm hoping to have them up piece by piece in this progress chat (then in a new post all in one place for anyone looking to Infinite in foam).


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