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    Matt H's Reach Carter Armor WIP (99% Complete!)

    Must....Do....assignment.....screw it! uni can wait, this just inspired me to work on my emile suit more. Awesome work.
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    My Ironman MK VI Foam Build update 26/7/2012 Hands Painted Weathered and lights on

    This is so awesome. The foam work is so clean and precise
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    halo reach custom foam armor wip

    Wow, this is looking very clean and precise. Definitely going to be keeping an eye on this. Great job so far!
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    recon (reach) helm

    Looking really good. Do you plan on making a suit?
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    Noble 4 Emile build (Pic Heavy)

    Wow, this is awesome work. I was going to build Emile, but changed to carter - This just makes me want to swap back again. Congrats
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    Halo Reach 3d Model/ Pep Request Thread

    Just quickly wondering If anyone has modeled the Reach ODST helmet.(Or if its already out there in the sea that is the interwebs, a point in the right direction would be cool) Its a little different from previous versions (mainly the ear region and the overall height of the model). I was...
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    ODST Armor by TO8I

    Great build. Loving the paint scheme.
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    Halo: Reach - Carter Build

    Nice work! Just wondering what chest file you used as I haven't seen one around with the extra work around the midsection and armpit area.
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    Nintendude's Emile WIP

    I like that idea. I hope it all works out. Gonna keep watching this one :)
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    Nintendude's Emile WIP

    Nice progress, I also am making an Emile suit. What are your ideas regarding the EVA visor?
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    RoadWarrior's Mk V build

    Wow, its looking really good! Thighs seem really well scaled. keep up the good word, loving the paint job on the helmet
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    Biography of your Spartan....+ my biography of KID-O249

    How cool would it be if we all made a suit of custom spartan armour based on these characters. Have like a squad of them or something.
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    Biography of your Spartan....+ my biography of KID-O249

    Altiar-D004 SII Altiar was conscripted into the spartan II program at the age of 17. 12 months prior to the abduction of John-117, Altiar was caught attempting to pick-pocket a data tablet from Dr Halsey, of whom noted him to be of an extremly inquisitive nature. After catching and...
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    Halo Movie Back in Production?

    Interesting thought. Perhaps a way of making the audience care for the John could be through scenes of his childhood. I mean, in the books they're shown to be treated quite harshly - Doctor Halsey even becomes a kind of maternal figure for her Spartan II's - Maybe weaving sections of his...
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    My Carter Helm

    That's awesome. I finished my Commando helm and then realized it was too big. BTW what scale factor did you use for the helm? I'm thinking of redoing mine and yours looks pretty much spot on.