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    Plasauce foam build-HALO REACH CARTER VERSION 3.5-PIC HEAVY!!!

    I wish I possessed your skills man. It is looking epic. Keep it up. PROMOTION FOR THIS GUY!!!
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    How do i get blueprints for halo armor???? :p

    Hi and again welcome. first and foremost I would check out the new members video in this link: Next Introduce yourself in the "introduce yourself" sticky in the Noob forum. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP...
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    All read please!!

    I kinda figured that would be peoples reaction. So screw it I guess... Yet another failed attempt I need a mod or someone to delete this post plz
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    All read please!!

    Hello all. I had an idea after reading a thread trying to show the locations of the members who want to work with other prop makers within their areas. I made a Facebook page called the 405th Member Group. the page was just a quick one, and I could use some ideas. I've been looking for an app...
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    Ichigo Full Hollow Mask/helmet

    This sir, is too awesome.
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    Disturbed1's ODST WIP

    Everywhere on here, you see MkVI armor, but it seems to me that the ODST is becoming more rare as the days go on. Mine is nothing special but here are some progress pics.... Down on the left is the reason I have yet to finish it. I had to outline some of the areas to show where what...
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    Hello and are German Members here?

    And some people can use the GOOGLE translator so we can understand and communicate better... This is the work of Translator... Willkommen auf der 405.. Wenn ich sehe immer, Ihre Beiträge können wir einfach übersetzen mit Google, oder Sie können einige andere 405. Mitglieder, die fließend in...
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    Noble 6 and Grif(RvB) helmets

    That, and caboose is the only one with the Mark V armor now, unless your doing and older version. Grif now looks like this PS GO RVB!!
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    A little help

    Seriously, I'm sure its been requested a hundred times. I've used the search tab, I've literally went through all 200 some pages of the request section. I'm looking files for the M4A1. No I don't know how unfold or anything like that, yes I've tried Google Sketchup so I have no idea how to do...
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    Armor Builders In or Near Central Florida Going to Mega-Con

    I'm in Ocala and definitely I'm hoping on making it to Mega-con, unfortunately my armor will be nowhere completed by thetime that happens :angry
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    Mark VI W.I.P and M6 fail

    Thankfully this 1 fits sooo much better Idk why it is so lopsided -.- How can I fix this???!!! Easier than I thought it would be :)
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    Mark VI W.I.P and M6 fail

    :'( it unfortunately it is too big.... It was a good practice piece though :)
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    Mark VI W.I.P and M6 fail

    Here is a quick update for those that really don't care. At first, I was scared it was going to be too big. Thankfully it looks like it could be about the right size. Mind you it is more forward than it is supposed to be, becuase the back of my helmet is still missing.
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    Mark VI W.I.P and M6 fail

    lol, and thank you.
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    master chief hd helmet first build!

    While that is true, more folds somehow means more strength in the paper. If you were to simply bend a sheet of paper, it could easily buckle under the pressure. But if you were to fold a curved sheet of paper, it becomes more sturdy.