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    Odd Iron Man Discovery

    sorry for hitchhiking you thread, but that arc reactor reminded me of mine, tho mine was only $4.15 to make im sure Starks was more expensive.
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    Recon Helmet W.I.P. Better late than never.

    Hello fellow 405th member, its the one and only Panda 001 (GamerTag S 039), thank you thank you i know you guys missed me, and.. .. wait, you don't know who i am? don't blame you, LOL Enough of the lame jokes and narcissists remarks, XD. So i made this thing called Recon helmet, (profile pic)...
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    Estas haciendo tu armor for an specific date or just to have a sweet Halloween costume?

    Estas haciendo tu armor for an specific date or just to have a sweet Halloween costume?
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    scaring little kids!!!

    If there are Mexicans or Latinos, wear an ICE jacket, that would scare the crap out off me, if there are blacks, quote KW, "bush doesnt care for black people", Asians, make the place look like a DMV and dress as a driver instructor, White kids, tell em Jesus was black, or even better, dress...
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    Update 4 [Shin]

    tendre que decir que esto se ve bien chingon y a toda madre, but, what does two and a half men have to do with Halo, LOL XD pics 4-5. awesome work nonetheless.
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    Canti- Robot Armor

    Hey something done pulling an allnighter, can never be crap-like, its call commitment, and the desire to finish something, it is really good for something done so fast, besides u can brag that it was made in one night. lol. i would. lol. AWESOME WORK!!!! Project 10+ Execution 10+ Coolness...
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    Spanish Iron Man Suit (Voice Recognition Control)

    en hora buena hombre, esta hasta la madre tu traje de Iron Man, deverias de hacerte el nuevo reactor para que se viera aun mas chingon, saludos y suerte con el projecto y muy buen trabajo.
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    Vidmaster Recruitment Thread

    thtas freaking sweet, endure, awesome, wait, to much excitement. well im up for the challenge, Add me up. GT: S 039, yes there is space between the 'S' and the zero, not an letter "o", must people get that mistake, i usually play at night when i get home from work, around 10:00PM Pacific time...
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    Anybody In Germany?

    I know this is not the place for me, just hijacking the post, but im from MEXICO! Land of the Guerreros Aztecas (Aztec Warrios) i think im the only beaner here, I feel lonely. :'( LOL :p
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    A Nightmare On Elm Street

    hey, i know it has nothing to do with halo, but i had to share it with others, if it gets deleted, well had it coming, anyhow. A new A nightmare on elm street is coming out on 2010, and yes, i love this movies, grow up with 'em, and im drooling waiting for more info, michael bay's name is...
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    Let's Be Honest. Halo 3:odst Is *edit* Ok!

    well. how bout this, "WE" all wanted a new halo, and we wanted it now, WE bitch to much about an expantion, WE wanted a full game so what does bungie does to all our bitching, they extended the DLC from a 5 hours game to a full game. I know it short, but is it? for Halo hardcore RAMBO style...
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    The Halo 10 Commandments

    thou shall have no other video game before halo thou shall worship none but the MC thou shall not use the MC name in vain remember the last day on reach, keep it holy honor the sarge and your captain thou shall kill on sight thou shall not connive with covie bastards thou shall JACK ALL...
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    Official Odst Launch Photos Thread

    i have to say that i was disappointment at the store at "hollywood universal city citywalk", there where probably around no more than 50 people, sounds like a lot, but come on, universal studios, last halo 3 game, that place was freacking pack, bungie guys where there, a friend of mine got a...
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    Jacksonville, Fl Gamestops

    all i have to say is, im going to universal city, citywal;k, so it better be good, i'll take pic, of the greatness, or disappointment, what ever happens first. lol. PS, Tacos Rule!!!