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    Gundam Helm Starting Pics

    Rifle does look a touch big but perhaps that may change when you're fully suited up.
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    My Damaged Iron Man Helmet

    Wow. Came out much nicer than my first helmet did haha.
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    Gundam Helm Starting Pics

    Personally, I'm thinking of pepping then molding the helmet to make this easier.
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    Gundam Helm Starting Pics

    Very nice! I've been a long time gundam fanatic and this will definitely be a project in the future. Looking good!
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    New Project Idea - Need Modelers/unfolders

    I just ran into these guys last night. Was love at first sight haha.
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    New Project Idea - Need Modelers/unfolders

    Sorry about that.
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    New Project Idea - Need Modelers/unfolders

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    New Project Idea - Need Modelers/unfolders

    So I recently picked up the Borderlands game and after playing thru it I've run across some characters that I may use for my next project, problem is there's no pep files in creation, I have few reference pics, and no 3d models. If I can procure enough reference pics would someone be willing to...
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    Jedi Stumpy's New Mkvi Helmet New Update 12/3/09 Molding Done! Casts Have Been Pulled!

    It's work like this that inspires me to do more and more. Wow, just wow. ps. I didn't see it said anywhere, but did you forgo resining the outside of the pep?
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    Gundam Rx-78-2

    Has anyone tried unfolding the Zaku? If not I may try take a stab at it, but I've never done an unfold before, any tips or hints would be appreciated.
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    Spawnd's Mkvi Armor W.i.p.

    Necroing my own post. Halloween arrived and I finished the costume mere hours before taking it out. Sadly it didn't hold together more than a few hours. I had tried hot gluing my straps to the inside of the pieces but they would eventually let go. So it lasted maybe 2 hours before it...
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    First Armours - Angelvirusx's Mark Vi And Redgeneral's Odst

    I could be wrong, but it looks like your shoulders are on the opposite sides :p
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    Gundam Rx-78-2

    Oh haro thar. I like where this thread is going. Bring on ze ZAKU! SIEG ZION!
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    Bondo Fumes!

    Hey guys, I'm doing some bondo work, and unfortunately it has to be indoors due to the constant rain we've been having lately and no other space is available. I'm using it in a closed room with 2 fans blowing the air out an open window. I'm using a respirator while applying the stuff. What I'm...
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    Revolutionary New Way To Finish Pep Pieces

    Quick question that I don't think I saw anyone here ask. Could I do a coat of rondo, let it cure, spray adhesive fiberglass to that coat and then apply a second coat of rondo for the same results? Would there be any issues with the separate coats not creating a strong enough bond? Thoughts...