581 - A HALO Story from the 405th

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    Very abstract, it seems. I feel like the struggle depicted in the comic is reminiscent of the early days of grade school, and...*the academy*


    I'ma need more, though. Keep it coming!
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    Final pages are up! Now you can read the whole story in one sitting. Hope you all enjoy!

    I will also have one more "making of" post later this week.
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    The Making of 581 - Part 3

    As I mentioned at the end of part 2, we completed concept work in Oct of last year and began talking with David Dawson about modeling. David does amazing work. We gave him parameters and he immediately began modeling up the base ancilla. His work was excellent, but we wanted to more closely follow the game asset, so we had David remodel the game asset to ensure the base ancilla was correct. Here is the initial freehand work vs the game asset.

    03 - From Scratch vs Game Asset 2.png

    Once we had the base nailed down, David we quickly got all the armor in place and got a basic skin.

    05 - Model.jpg 06b - Rendering.jpg

    We initially planned to use 405th colors for 581, and played with various iterations of that idea.

    09 - Model.jpg

    While this was a very good look, I was still falling back to the Master Chief colors because that is how I had always envisioned the character. We moved from blues to greens.

    10 - Color.jpg

    This along with more tweaks and small changes, especially to the inner wing details and lateral armor plating, than David probably wants to remember resulted in our final ancilla look.

    12 - Final Render.jpg

    The last step was to create emotions for 581. This is much harder than it looks but we had already gone through the exercise with CJ so we had David apply them to the model:

    13 - Emotes.jpg

    As I am writing this, it all sounds simplistic and easy, but there was an unbelievable amount of back and forth, tweaking and retweaking minor details, especially between Asgardianhammer and David. Both were patient through the whole process, even when we had to restart several areas. The end result speaks to that patience and dedication.

    14 - Animated Emotes.gif

    What are we doing now? We are having David go back and rework his model to be printable.
    Accodirnng to HaloNation the ancilla's base size is Dimensions: 1' 11" x 1' 8"... almost 2ft across. Because that size is so unwieldy, we are looking at creating one that is 13.5" wide by 15", roughly 2/3 life-size. We would also like to offer keychains and some smaller, desktop sized versions as well. Time will tell.
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    Want to read the comic all together? Snag it here:

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    SWEET! thanks Andrew for the awesome comic, Mind if I share this around as well?
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    Please do! Depending on the social media you're sharing it on, tag either 405th Infantry Division on Facebook, @405thinfantry on Instagram, or @405th on Twitter! :)
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    Nice comic.
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