A general warning to those attending Comic Con on the 22nd...


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God save these imbiciles if they ever go to Dragon*Con to protest, now much they can do to me I'm already poor so thier theats of lawsuits would mean nothing to me. Let alone if they protest and get in a fight which take sit to court all the judge has to see is a video of what they have done such as protesting at funerals and they would be laughed out of court, are there any lawsuit cases they have ever won that had something to do with one of thier protests?


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I'm sorry but if they use "doom" and "fag" in every sentence them that highlights how ineptly incompetent they really are.....the wife of the "pastor"(if he could be considered one at all) used it like it was a daily thing and normal at that......

I mean seriously they are absolutely are demented


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What exactly are they protesting? I don't....I don't understand.
at comic con they're protesting well.......comic con but more importantly us the cosplayers because we are "doomed".........we are normal human beings and we make awesome stuff and they're wierd.

Just ignore their idiocy because they haven't read the bible correctly and they are trying to spew hate although their leader might have an ulterior motive for this other than their wierd beliefs


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They protest so people will try to do something to them. If anybody hits them, they just sue them for hundreds of thousands of dollars. They have the best laywers in America apparently.
Thats why we need alot of people dressed exactly the same.

"Yeah, it was the stormtrooper! He hit me!"
"....which one?"
You know I think we should do something for this cult. Whose up for making a MK VI master chief suit for Jesus? He'll smite the covenant with his holy frag grenades.


yeah i remember there was a pretty important passage in the about, judge not lest ye be judged. they must of either skipped that chapter or remove during the editing for the redneck idiot version


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I am suprised that no one had brought up the fact that even the Definition of a Hate group ( the KKK) has distanced them selves from WBC

News Release
The Ku Klux Klan, LLC. has not or EVER will have ANY connection with The "Westboro Baptist Church". We absolutely repudiate their activities.
The Ku Klux Klan, LLC.

I am Fuzzy Bear

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Bender says - Kill all humans. And there was a poster with ALL GLORY TO THE HYPONO-TOAD. And there was also a quote from the sith Code. I belong at comic-con......

Odin is god - read The Mighty Thor #5.


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Well, the WBC brought their A Game, but I doubt they expected a counter protest...

Good job for all of those who stood up against them without using any sort of violence.
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