Achilles/ mark IV gen 1 build


Thanks guys! Not that I know of, I've pulled everything I'm using from the armory here. I've got the MK IV gen I shoulder bondo'ed but I'm gonna wait till I sand it to post any pics


Well I'm finally pleased with how it the shoulder has turned out.

First layer I used way too much!!!

After I sanded it down I marked out remaining imperfections (most of which I caused)

After learning less is more the second layer looked a lot better. I sanded it down and then a good once over with high grit sand paper.
IMG_0951.JPG IMG_0952.JPG

I have some lighting plans involving a few needler shards. Just need to decide how I want to do it. Any tips would be much appreciated!!! I'm thinking hot glue sticks for the needler shards



Well I've got most of the security shoulder done. First foam armor piece I've done. I think it turned out pretty good. Gotta get it shaped a little better and add a few of the smaller pieces. Not sure how I'll fasten this to the rest of the armor though. Gonna be a while before I do anything else. I'm gonna be gone the next week playing paintball!

IMG_0953.JPG IMG_0966.JPG


That's what I was thinking, I was gonna take some reference pics on halo 5 in machinima mode but I don't have the armor lol!


Been a while since I've posted anything on this. Ive got the cod piece done and started hardening the chest.

I have to make some extensions to fit the waist and glue it all to nylon strapping.
IMG_1111.JPG IMG_1116.JPG IMG_1133.JPG IMG_1136.JPG

So far this is all I have done for the bicep. Chose the lowest detailed piece to size test

And got the front on the chest hardened. I'll probably harden the shoulders tonight.

Thanks all for now guys. I'll do an update once I have both biceps done!


Well I got both biceps done

The chest is resined, I just have to get the brackets under the arms

And I got some lights in the mail!!! The first two I got BOTH had shorts in the half way through but these look great!!

I'm planning on installing them like so...

Other then that I'm currently on a stand still. I printed the forearms but the were a bit too small. Went to reprint and my printer is printing black on the whole sheet. Gotta try a few things to trouble shoot it but will most likely buy a new one, so that gives me time to harden the parts I have and bondo them. I'll be doing the legs in foam so if all goes well this costume will be done by September!!!


Neat idea, looks cool ...... are those needles from etsy?
Yeah. I ran into a guy on Facebook that 3D printer them for the needler nerf gun and he had some spares left over. While I was deciding which armor I wanted to make the idea popped in my head because of all the open space on this shoulder, but I didn't know what I was gonna make the needles out of ( was thinking hot glue sticks). I was going through the halo props page and saw that a guy was like minded and used these on a helmet and found the guy who made the needles through him


Well I haven't touched this project in over a month so I decided it's time to get back at it. Starting to cut out the thighs, got the chest and arms glasses and on to the bondo. Think I've come a long way since bondoing the shoulder!!!