Are all pep files usable for foam? Or do I need certain files?


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I've been battling with pepakura for a few years coming now. And I always played with the idea of doing the foam versions of the suit. However I need to know! Do I have to have foam versions of the same files I use to make the suit via paper? Or can I just use the same files I already have and just ignore the flaps when citing the pieces ?



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You can use pep files to do a foam build but, some heavy editing will be needed. Other than omitting all the flaps, there is a tonne of pieces that you will have to ignore due to size of the piece and thickness of the foam you are using.
If you do a YouTube search, I believe Spacemeat has a video on how to edit a pep file into a foam file.


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Actually the question is not of's one of insanity.......join the club. :confused:


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I always turn flaps off in in the 2D menu up top makes the preview window less cluttered and easier to work in, and then using the combine divide tool (looks like a rectangle with a line through it) combine any pieces you want to make into one piece with foam.

I tend to try and use every single polygon face though for accuracy purposes, but I always hate myself for it when I’m cutting out edges that are so thin that they look like spaghetti >.<
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