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Beginning ODST armour build (Helmet).

Discussion in 'Halo Pepakura Costumes' started by Deviss, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Deviss

    Deviss New Member


    Heres around about the 2nd layer and also a 3rd in some areas. Photos are a little distorted because of the camera but I also widened the vertical sections near the ears. I noticed the helmet model was thinner than it appears in the game so I smothered some filler on the backside of a rectangle piece of cardboard that I measured up and stuck it onto the ear piece on abit of an angle. Loving how its turning out at the moment. Once I get my microfiles back ill be able to work on those lines.
  2. Deviss

    Deviss New Member

    Yeah thats exactly what I did. Worked pretty well and I can get my head in and out even though it is a little tight still but its not uncomfortable by any means.
  3. Deviss

    Deviss New Member

    Bit of an update: Haven't done too much on the helmet but will be doing the final stages before I clean it up for priming. Started to think of my final cosplay and purchased these two items to attach the plates to.



    With abit of scrounging through AliExpress and Ebay I managed to score the two of them for about 70 NZD (50 USD) which is a pretty good score. Well see what the quality is like in a month when they arrive.
  4. HaloHunterChief


    bro that helmet looks sick and add that vest now that will be a thing of beauty
    keep going bro u r doing great
    Deviss likes this.
  5. SkyBox

    SkyBox New Member

    awesome work man, its going great! (wish i could sketch like that.) Honestly though man, it looks amazing!
    Deviss likes this.
  6. Deviss

    Deviss New Member


    So not too much progress so far, works kept me a bit busy as of late, aiming to fix the symmetry issues, not really that many just one or two lines that could use evening out and nothing that'll be too noticeable if i forget them anyway. Fit is quite perfect, gonna have to skip the ear padding but its not uncomfortable so shouldn't effect me too much. Both the vest and ghillie hood have arrived so I might start on the shoulders and chest plate since they wont take as long as the helmet.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
  7. SkyBox

    SkyBox New Member

    Looks great man! Cant wait to see the paint on it!
  8. toastytoast

    toastytoast New Member

    How did you go about scaling the helmet? Did you use default scaling or the "ruler method" for the height?
  9. Deviss

    Deviss New Member

    I actually completely forgot to scale it to be very honest, I remebered about it after I finished it and it looked rather small, I had a look at pepakura which indicated the height of the model should be 26cm when complete, i quickly measured my head and it turned out to be around 24cm so I decided to keep the default. I would definitely advise the ruler method because I'm just lucky it worked out in my favour. For this model id definitely recommend the width be checked for scaling as its quite a thin helmet. Always best to be safe with the ruler method and only takes 5 seconds so why not :)
  10. CollinMcCaf


    I started my ODST helmet about 3 years ago; ended up getting so fed up trying to make it perfectly smooth I moved on to other things. Learning from my other projects I found out its never too early to start spraying primer. I started on the helmet again Monday, a good primer made all the pitting (the reason for my frustration) go away after about 30 minutes of work. It helped with seeing the high/low spots too.
    Deviss likes this.
  11. Deviss

    Deviss New Member

    Yeah it's always good to do that, I prefer layering myself which is what I'm doing here because it also has the added benefit of getting an even layer + sand ver the whole helmet, after a few layers when it's nice and smooth you get a large applicator for the filler and push hard against the helmet when you apply it, it fills all the pits but there will be too much tension for it to get anywhere else. There's a great primer we use at University that also acts as a filler and it's one of the best things I've used. Ill give the early prime ago too might get some funky layer patterns after the sand

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