Builds By Baz - Full scale MKII Colonial Viper


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I spent today mitring all the corner joints and connecting them with plates, ready for welding, then matching the sides to mirror each other. Good thing too, because no amount of careful measurements and calculations will ever get it right, when you have to fit it on something this big! The plates allow me a little movement to fit it onto the cockpit and adjust for a perfect fit.




This evening I had a bit of daylight left, so I went back into the shed and made a neck seal for the flight suit. I just beat it over the jaws of an open vice then finished it off with a planishing hammer around the outside of my post anvil. I cut and filed a hinge in the aluminium and pinned and peened it. Later a padded lining gets attached to the inside of it.





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Memoirs of a Viper builder...

Every fortnight I have a Saturday to work on the Viper. I often get overly ambitious as to what I think I am going to get achieved with that one day and am often left disappointed and discouraged. Today was no exception. This time, i deliberately set my sights a little lower and vowed that I would only work on the rear legs of the undercarriage and get them DONE! Long after dark, I was still going and had to shut down the grinders, drills and welder for the sake of sleeping babies and the spirit of being a good neighbour.

I got one leg on and the other leg half done. Lots of false-starts, standing and staring, contemplating and planning before a single piece of steel was cut. The tricky part was to avoid getting too elaborate with the way it fits together. Keeping it simple and basic is actually quite hard, but I got there in the end. When I take this thing to events and shows, I don't want to be spending half a day assembling it. At the most I'd like to get it down to an hour, to an hour and a half.

After curfew, I shut the shed door and did some quiet drilling on the press and prepared the steel for tomorrow's cutting if I get a chance.



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I did however, steal a little bit of time today to finish bracketing the canopy together. It's all done now, ready for welding. It fits nicely on the cockpit now, with both bottom bars parallel. I can now go ahead and install the track and rollers for it to run in so it can slide forward.







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Canopy is looking cool! Looking forward to seeing what you're using for the rollers and cockpit windows.


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Second test fit on the flight suit. Once the adjustments are made, we start cutting the real material.

Last night's fitting was a wake up call for me and I'm embarrassed. Initially, my measurements were taken and the first cloth suit was made. I had a fitting and found I had put on weight and it was tight. So, the tailor made another one and added 2 cm in each side to give me some room. Last night I fitted up and it was again too tight, showing I have put on MORE weight. OUCH. Thiscan't go on.

Now he has to add MORE size to the suit and we will try again.

In the meantime, my diet has got to change and I have to find some sort of aerobic activity that chews the calories without buggering my knees and ankles any more than they already are.

Two problems... I hate diets and I have little time for extra exercise. Something's gotta give.

So, colonial warrior fitness training started this morning. 5km run laced with sit-ups and a self administered uppercut for allowing myself to get fat. I'll do the run 2 to 3 times a week and increase sit-ups. Will also add pushups and heaves.





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My friend Jacob has again volunteered his skills as a welder. I'm pretty good at MIG with steel right now, but hopeless at TIG welding. Jacob has his own machine and has been practicing for a little while.




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The last former templates have now been printed and cut for the top engine. This is the last major module of the ship. After this it's just wings and armaments. Ready to trace onto plywood.



Photo of what I have so far. Accessories on their way - gloves and gun belt pouches. Still to find - shoes. Flight suit in chromoflair under construction. I think I may have a prop addiction...







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^^^ Thanks guys. :D

Everything laid out, measured and marked. Ready for my fortnightly big day to get as much done on the Viper as possible. If I get this undercarriage finalised tomorrow, I can move straight onto building the top engine. All the formers bar two, are cut for that. I also have all the steel I need for it's internal support frame. Let's see what the day brings.


Top engine formers cut and now the internal support frame holes are also marked, ready to cut out and slide over the frame.


Making all the frame bolts tool-less and high vis. They will be chained inside the frame, hanging next to their fixing position so I never lose or forget to bring them. Some bent ones in there. Easy enough to bend straight tomorrow.





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^^^ Cheers guys. :D

The last of the large modules of the Viper construction is now well underway. After this all I need to build is the wings and cannons, then it's onto all the finishing and detailing.

This is the top engine nacelle. I will make this in three parts, I think. The intake, the main body and the exhaust cone. It's a bit of a challenge because of the floating shroud at the rear, but I have worked out a simple solution.







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Man, I'm excited to see this complete. And I've never even seen battlestar Galactica! This is a great build, man, keep up the good work!


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Lol if you say so. I'm still in the middle of stargate SG-1, maybe after that I'll give it a shot.
SG-1 is great. A lot lighter. I've watched the lot 5 or 6 times through over the years. BSG - 2003 is very dark, adult. Don't let the kids watch it. Pretty brutal in parts. The old classic BSG is lighter, cheesier and no comparison, but in it's time it was good. Now I cringe watching it.

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but the original is a nice kid-friendly show, with a simple plot. the sequel which many people dislike, (galactica 1981) has a better plot actually although less fun and lower budget.
and idk about the newer one.
I don't cringe watching it but i see how you can


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^^^ Cheers gang! :D


Soooo bloody sick for the last 72 hours. Took me all day yesterday after sleeping in until 2pm , to work out that it was food that was making it worse. Once I worked that out, my belly started thanking me. End result, I couldn't sleep last night. Went into the shed around 9:30pm to enjoy the cool night air. Ended up tinkering, which led on to cutting and gluing polystyrene to the top engine nacelle. In bed by 4am this morning. I went back to work today and spent the day plasma cutting very slowly, feeling pretty ordinary. Not sure if it would be a good idea to go to work tomorrow. I tried to go out again tonight to do some more, but I think I'll just go to bed.







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A magnificent build and such great photos too... I can't help but think we will all miss these update when it's all done. Just wish I would get a chance to see it for real and touch it :)