ButterBacon300's Noble Six Armor 3d Print and Foam Build


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For the record... ive never used foam before so this is probably gonna look... well ya know... like a noob made it...

I decided to make the chestplate be ODST cuz... idk why I just wanted too for some reason I guess...

First i cut out the biggest pieces... the base shape of the whole armor piece... then I started cutting the other pieces out and gluing them on one by one... probably should've cut em all out and seen how they fit together first but its too late for that now... mistakes where made...

I put an extra piece of foam to widen the chestplate so I could fit in it... once again shouldve measured and checked sizing/fitting etc before gluing together but here we are...

Once I started adding details it started looking a bit less like a mess and a bit more like some kinda beta test of halo that the public never got to see... there are definatley still a few glitches :lol:

Here's the other side of the chestplate

Now i just need to make the giant thing that goes on the front whatever the heck that thing is called... and a few minor details... can't wait to make more :D


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Hey ButterBacon3000, good job so far. I would recommend a bit less on the hot glue. It takes more effort to get rid of the excess than to put the right amount. Leaves the armor a bit cleaner.
looking good! and you can make it whatever you want dude haha. as for the hot glue, you can always weather over it too if you're worried about it :)
Thanks guys! I'll try to use a little less glue I was just scared the pieces were gonna peel off...


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Thanks guys! I'll try to use a little less glue I was just scared the pieces were gonna peel off...

If you are worried about pieces peeling off, have you ever used contact cement? I started out using hot glue and switched over after watching 2 pieces "melt" apart from body heat


I painted on a detail on my helmet that was in the game but didn't show up on the print due to it being a texture rather than an actual dent View attachment 294298
View attachment 294299
Its the black outline of a rectangle on the top of the helmet... it could be a little better but it definitely looks better with it than without it

Going to add that line detail onto my helmet as well along with some other bits I see on the Noble 6 helmet IconProps makes. Tempted to risk using a soldering iron or dremel to add depth

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