CNC Machined Halo weapons. Pure UNSC Bada$$ery. Airsoft builds :D

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    So where exactly are you getting the dimensions from?
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    So I took the .obj file for the Halo 3 SR and opened it into a 3D modeling software. I then converted it into a .dxf format so that I could open it up in Solidworks. After the half hour or so it took to convert the file (had to leave my laptop alone. Didn't want to mess with it during the conversion haha.) I saved it as a Solidworks assembly to open up later. That file is where I got my measurements from. However, it did not come in properly scaled. I looked up the rifle in the Halo wiki and found that it's 187.5 cm or 73.82 inches. I then created a conversion factor for myself so that when I entered the dimension from the .dxf file it spit out the to-scale length that I needed. Lets just say that I filled up a couple pages in my notebook figuring out the external dimensions of stuff. My model is roughly 3mm off of what the Wiki length is so I'd say I'm pretty darn close to full scale. Haha.

    As far as the internal dimensions goes, I just physically measured the internal components of a WE M4 Gbbr. Since I don't own one I borrowed a buddy's. But over winter I bought an internal kit so I based some of it off of that as well. The rest of the design work is getting stuff to line up right and cut as much weight as possible while keeping the strength and integrity of the pieces.
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    This one's for you peterthethinker ;)

    So I've started on the FEA road. Imported the Bolt Carrier (which is the only part that we will be doing finite element analysis on at the moment) into HyperWorks/HyperMesh.
    HM BCG 1.png

    And then did a 2D automesh with element size of .05 inches

    HM BCG 2.png

    HM BCG 2.5.png

    After that, I made a new component and created the 3D Tetramesh. For those who are unfamiliar with FEA, in order to do a full analysis on a 3D part, a 3D tetramesh or hexamesh is needed.

    HM BCG 3.png

    The conversion wasn't too bad. It only took a minute or two.
    And here's the tetramesh:
    HM BCG 4.png

    HM BCG 5.png

    HM BCG 6.png

    This weekend, we will work on doing the static analysis (for just the BCG when under normal spring force) and eventually the dynamic analysis (for impact loading).

    Ok. So now for non-FEA related updates...
    Got ahold of another machine shop and sent him parts. Hopefully he will be able to turn the barrel components. Other than that, I was able to find out that our MMAE (Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering) department, which is my department lol, is trying to encourage students to 3D print parts. And the best part is that the printers are free! The 3D printers also have a tolerance of .1 mm which is awesome! This means that I will be able to print a number of parts in house in high quality. So I will be making full use of those over the coming weeks. I'm planning on printing the piston guides (top and side), the Muzzle break, and possibly some of the other internal pieces that I intended on making plastic anyways. I also intend on printing the mounting components for the camera in the scope assembly.

    I also started modeling the Scope assembly with the rough size estimates of the display.
    lcd disp.png

    So it doesn't fill the entire area but neither does it in the game files. It is a 4:3 so it should be plenty fine. I might add some side panels inside to block any incoming light from the scope so that the only thing visible internally is the display. The display is sunken a little into the scope as in the game. This also helps provide extra room above and below since it is just about the same height as the sunshade section. The display has finally shipped so it should be in my hands within a weeks or so.

    I may also end up printing the scope housing, but I will have to see on that if I can get it machined first or not.

    Next Friday I will be working in a machine shop to make the skids and the hammer pieces from steel so I will soon be posting pics of finished physical pieces! We're getting there guys! :D
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    Wooh! Big step in the project today! The manufacturing process has officially started. Yay! We'll get to that in a minute. But for now, other updates.

    So I've made a list of all of the parts with quantity, material, completion stages etc.


    Also, I've gotten some responses from the companies that I have contacted. Some good and some bad... A couple of the companies do not have the proper tooling for the level of detailed manufacturing on some of these parts. A number of the contacts have opened their shops and offered to assist with making parts.


    As I said, next Friday I will be making the steel parts. I've completed the safety training session for my campus so I now have access to the CNC's and mills which means that I will be able to start really machining some of these parts in the coming weeks.

    I have printed a couple of parts today. The piston guides have been printed (the white parts).

    WE pic.png


    The Muzzle break has been started but is a 16 hour + print so that I won't have updates for a couple of days since the shop is closed on the weekend.


    The printed parts turned out pretty good. I need to take some sand paper to them though but not bad overall.
    Top piston guide:


    Side piston guide:


    Proof of concept:

    And I've also printed the post for the muzzle break. I wanted to make this a separate part so that i could paint it since depending on the picture that you look at, it is potentially a different color than the rest of the muzzle break.


    On Monday, I will also be printing out parts of the scope assembly. I will be printing the camera mount, camera mount rail, scope tubes (bottom and top) and the optic clamp to keep the 7x scope in place. I'll add the little ridges to the scope this weekend so that it will be ready for Monday to print.
    scope tube assem.png

    That's it for now. Stay tuned for Tuesday. I'll have more parts!
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    Alrighty. I've got some more parts for you guys! First off, I've got some parts on the print bed right now. I've decided to print the scope assembly as much as possible in order to get the more complex details of the scope rather than machine it. And since it's free, why not?! Haha.

    I've updated the scope tube with a couple of features. I added the angle faces to give the scope some more detail. I do intend to coat the entire scope (when finished) in that spray rubber stuff to provide the proper texture and an additional protective layer to prevent damage from bbs.

    scope update.png

    Since this is being printed. I've also converted the tapped hole callouts into screw taps so that the threads will be built into the part during printing. The holes on the bottom are for #4 screws, so I have no idea how they will turn out. We will see tomorrow when I pick the pieces. Up.

    scope threads.png

    On the top there are 1/4 inch threads that have been cut using the same method and will be printed tomorrow.

    Today I printed the bottom scope tube, the 7x scope keeper, I'm printing essentially the parts that hold the optics in place which is this assembly:

    scope print.png

    the camera rail and the camera mount. Here's some in-progress print pics.



    Ok. Now on to the finished parts for today. So the muzzle break was printed over last night. And... um. Yeah. So, you know how people say that it's really hard to understand the true scale of something when you build it in CAD? Well, yeah. They might be right...


    Had to clean out the support material (the rough pieces).


    Here it is cleaned up a little.

    And I put the post on it to see what it would look like. That's on my ipad (for scale). This thing is going to be massive. And I can't wait.


    Oh yeah. Last thing. So I started adding some color to the pieces. I still need to refine the color scheme but I just made a rough version and it is gorgeous.

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    Okay. Got some more updates! Over this week, we've had some ups and some downs. But we'll start with the good news right now.

    The scope tube components have been printed and will need to be polished up. But now I can work on fitting the scope components into the printed parts. So with the scope, I have the two halves of the tube printed, the 7x retainer, and the mount for the camera all printed.




    I also re-printed the camera mount since the first time it came out really rough.


    And I started putting some of the components in place in the tube.


    I also started working on making the steel components at a machine shop on Friday.

    I started by cutting out the pieces for the hammer pieces.

    And then marked the centers for the dowel pin holes to be drilled.

    The holes were then drilled and reamed for a 1/8'th inch rod to fit in.


    And the skids were also started. 2inch wide by 1/5 inch high steel plate was cut in 1.5 inch wide pieces to form the base shapes of the skids for the bipods.

    A hole was then drilled through for a 5/16th screw and a counter bore was then added so the bolt would be recessed.




    These steel blocks will then be taken to a mill so I can machine out the slot in the center. The hammer parts are being micro-welded right now.

    Ok. so that's where I'm at with parts. I still need to finish the surfaces of the muzzle break and the scope tube.

    Now for the bad. On Thursday morning I spoke with our CNC shop manager about making a couple of parts in the shop, specifically the magazine shells. He said that our machines could make the two pieces, so I went out and purchased a $150 chunk of aluminum for the mag shells. About a half hour after I made the order, I received an email from my professor forwarding me an email from the shop manager to my professor and CC'ing the Dean of engineering asking if the project would be acceptable. Apparently the shop manager did a quick google search and saw one website that said airsoft was illegal in Chicago, which is incorrect. My professor asked if we could revise the project and I agreed (which I'll explain what we will be doing in a bit). After speaking with my friend who is a Chicago police officer confirming that you can own airsoft guns in Chicago, but just not bring them out in public, as well as looking up the specific Chicago ordinance stating that airsoft components can be manufactured in Chicago so long as the parts will be transported intrastate, interstate, or overseas (which is the intent), I spoke with my professor again. He agreed with me that there was a misunderstanding of the project and of Chicago laws. He also reached out to the shop manager some (my professor is totally for this project and thinks this issue is really stupid which now makes him the coolest college professor at IIT :D ). So as of right now, we have agreed to not manufacture the part that holds the hop up unit this semester (which is something that I can do on my own to finish this project yay!). We are trying to tip-toe around the bs bureaucracy of the current situation. As of now we will be able to move forward with the project again. This all made for an interesting 24 hours so we'll see where this goes from here.

    This week I am also working on setting up a meeting with some engineers to discuss the manufacturability of components to make things easier to machine. My spring break is also coming soon so I will be able to make some more parts in the coming weeks.

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    Really nice progress and fell kinda sad becouse of laws aswell but you got around it :) so hurray
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    Couple of miscellaneous updates. So the past couple of days have been a rollercoaster of craziness. After speaking with my professor quite a bit, we came up with a new proposal as I described above and submitted it to the Dean. The Dean unfortunately has refused to respond to our email essentially creating a pocket veto of the proposal. So she's now just playing politics. I spoke with my professor some more in person today and we agreed that the only thing that we can do is digitally analyze the assembly and do a sort of "drop test."

    This essentially would have meant that the project would be dead in the water and never make it past the digital phase which is a no go. I was able to get some more clarifications from my professor later today and we are basically to the point where if I decide to take the designs and see the project materialize by making the parts from outside manufacturers (aka not on campus) then I am technically not doing anything wrong. So on that note, progress will resume as normal but now with more computer analysis of the assembly. So yay I guess.

    On another note, I was finally able to figure out the grip for the battle rifle. I ended up cutting out a chunk of the body and simplified a bunch of the cuts.
    battle rifle body.png

    battle rifle body grip.png

    And here's the grip that I made. I made a series of splines so that I could loft their faces to make a nice flow.
    BR grip front.png

    BR grip.png

    This part would obviously be 3D printed haha. And here is the revised assembly with the new cleaner components.
    battle rifle.png

    Here's the comparison between what it was and where we're at now:
    BR compare.png

    I'll see if I can get these eventually printed or maybe even the entire gun. But we will start with one thing at a time haha.

    Welp, we're making progress guys. Slowly but surely. But for now, you'll just have to settle for screenshots. ;)
    side by side.png
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    I'm baaaack! :D

    Ok. So I am now finally into production mode. Over the next four months, I will be attempting to build/assemble/complete this project. Target date of completion is May, 20th (hopefully sooner though). In addition, I will also be attempting to complete the Battle Rifle as an AEG (automatic electric gun). The weekend of May, 20th and 21st is a big 2-day airsoft event at which I intend on debuting these projects. This means one thing, more content, and hopefully, more consistent updates! Over the next couple of days, I will try to get you guys caught up with everything, as a lot has happened.

    Let's start with the big news first:

    I am now in the final stages of refining the design. I have worked with some fellow engineers/machinists to go over the designs and to make sure that they are machinable. Over this week, I will be making my final revisions and then send out the parts to get quoted this weekend. Given the company's timetable, I should hear back at the end of this month. Once I get the quote, the order will be placed, and then it's just 4-6 weeks until I will have parts in hand (Yay!). A handful of smaller components will be machined by myself during that time.

    I have purchased a couple of 3D printers. One small one that I've had since September, and a larger one arriving in March. Using the small printer, I have been progressively printing a couple of the components, like the Chamber and the Gas Tube.


    Once I finish printing the Chamber, I will begin to prep these pieces to make molds so I can cast whole versions of these out of urethane resin since 3D printed pieces are fairly brittle and a little wonky haha. There are a couple of other internal components that I will 3D print as well but I will not make casts of those and they should be sufficient on their own.

    I also ordered the aluminum tubes for the outer barrel. Here's a photo to compare the scale of the SR to a Barrett .50cal airsoft rifle. I wasn't able to fit the tube in the muzzle break at the time of this photo, nor is the Chamber on it, so the barrel looks a little long in this photo. Either way though, it's still huge.


    I will also begin to prep the break to make a mold and cast of over the coming weeks as well as the scope which is together for fitting before I clean it up.


    I will go over my stuff and see what I want to put in here. I have a couple of reports that I've done on this while I am finishing my Masters that I will probably add for completeness. But for now, I will leave you guys with some eye candy and hopefully some good news at the end of the week! Thanks for bearing with me. This project has not been easy (and as the next couple of months roll in, it sure won't be cheap haha.)


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    Great work! Hey, have you heard of the DAS M4A1? It's and AEG that operates like a GBBR. When this new tech advances further, I'm defiantly gonna make me a DMR ;]
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    Yeah. I've seen it and it looks like a mechanical nightmare haha. And I wanna say that they were fairly expensive. It's a very cool concept though. Once I get the Battle Rifle working in the AEG configuration, I plan to experiment with making a universal drop in gbbr kit for the BR and the MA5D AR that I am also working on. Just need to get a hold of an RA Tech burst trigger kit for the BR. But that's in the future. My main goal is to get the gbbr SR and the aeg BR working for the 2 day event.
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    Oh man these are going to be absolutely insane once they're done!
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    Yeah, I expected it to be expensive when there's a limited quantity and its' the first of it's kind. The price will go down when the begin to mass produce it. Those are some sweet plans you have. So what is your end goal with your fancy halo airsoft guns? Are these just pleasrue projects and being able to show off at the field? lol
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    *, these are looking great. Need access to this equipment
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    The SR I will probably keep close to myself and attention * it out for pics and stuff haha. The BR and AR I will be making molds of so I can cast copies. Those I will probably sell kits of or a completed version depending on my time. But either way I will be keeping the first of both. Due to the cost of the SR, it would take like five figures to get me to look at making additional ones since I'm not machining the bulk of it and that has to get done overseas (and that's not exactly cheap lol).
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    Ok. I am currently wrapping up the last few touches. And by that, I mean I'm saving my parts as .STL files, and the drawings as .PDF's so that the company can quote my components. Just a few more to go and they will be turned over on Saturday. So by Monday evening/Tuesday I should have a quote. Once I receive that, I'll share with you guys the cost per part. I'm hoping for sub $2K total package (fingers crossed ;) ).

    For this post, I'll update you on the revisions and I'll attach some of the reports that I've done for completeness.

    Ok, first update:
    1: Moved the mounting holes, added locating dowels, and added a .1875" radius everywhere possible. Basic concept is to allow a 3/8th inch endmill. On the exterior I added fillets where the part would be machined by a ball mill. Nothin fancy.

    2: Split the grip into two pieces for lightweighting and ease of machining.

    3: Modified the BCG and receiver. Added more fillets on the receiver for machining and tweaked some small spots. For the BCG, I split it into three components; two wings and a central component. I then added bearings on the top and bottom to make the cycling action more smoothly and I extended the back end by an inch so that the tail would sit in the buttstock rather than trying to roll over a gap where the two body pieces meet. Hopefully this will prevent jamming on the return cycle.


    4: I made more lightweighting cuts in the magazine halves, fillited the corners and touched up the edges to make the part easier to machine.

    5: The magazine catch was changed to brass (from aluminum) so that it will be easier to manipulate since the brass is self-lubricating.

    6: The bipod legs were broken up into 4 pieces for easier machining and a feature was added so that I could insert a spring-loaded bearing to act as a detent. Slots were also cut into the receiver block so the bearing can locate and index the bipod leg. The bipod has two positions, the "up" position that we always see in the game, and a "down" position so the legs are full vertical and actually usable.



    These components will be made out of steel (for wear resistance and so that the receiver block can have the pocket burned out to hold the tight radii's.

    7: Redesigned the hop mount.

    Mostly it's been converting all of the screws and dowels to metric and making sure that the faces are machinable and attempting some lightweighting wherever possible (although the CAD model says that it's still approx. 45lbs. :'( ).

    I also printed the gas tube block. I just need to clean it up and it will be a part that I will use in the actual airsoft replica and not a cast part.



    So this is where I'm currently at. Lots of long nights after work trying to get this done in time. I will let you guys know as soon as I get the quote/place the order!

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    Awww mate! This is looking great.
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    I have received a quote back for the parts that I had submitted to the manufacturing company. It was a little higher than I was hoping, but it is without question the cheapest that I am going to get anywhere. I sent in everything minus the barrel components and scope assembly. A lot of the internal components I intend to machine myself, but I sent in anyways just to see how much it would cost (as you can see by the sub $10 components haha).

    I was hoping for between $2000-$3000. Not included in this quote is the shipping cost (probably approx. $100) or the cost to get parts anodized (since I will most likely have to hand-fit some of these and file edges to clean up seams which would mean that I would be filing away the coatings). After seeing that number, as anyone could expect, there was a little bit of an "Oh S#!t" moment. So for the time-being, I decided to place a partial order to get the big pieces machined and in hand. The rest I will either machine myself or have to look at ordering down the road when I get some more money. My boss is helping me float some of the cost so the machining can start now rather than two/three weeks from now.

    Next step is to order the hardware (ie. dowel pins, socket head cap screws, roller bearings). In addition, I will be obtaining the rest of the airsoft components. While these parts are being machined, I will be working on finishing the 3D printed parts and machining the ribs in the outer barrel. I am printing the last pieces of the chamber right now and they will be done tomorrow.

    I will post more pics as parts get finished and as materials show up. The machined components should be in hand by the first week of March so that will be very exciting!
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    Hey guys. Just gunna throw in a little update. I've finished printing the chamber and then glued them together. Um, kinda as expected, but unfortunately it didn't turn out quite as I had hoped... The gas tube is fine. That I just need to clean up the exterior to make it ready for a mold. The chamber is a different story. It turned out OK, but I just think that it would be better to make it out of aluminum tubing pieces turned on a lathe. I'd be able to hold actual tolerances with it so that I will have less issues during assembly.


    This is with the removable section taken off to see the supports.

    So it's not super great. I wish it would've been cleaner but it's what you get with a tiny 3D printer. Otherwise, I have received my bearings for the bolt carrier. The scope battery, switches, and connectors will be in this Friday. The components for the battle rifle will show up tomorrow so I will be able to start planning the internal cut-outs for that so I can print it as soon as I get access to a larger printer. I will be sending out an order to McMaster soon for the hardware, and another to Shapeways to get the other internal components printed/sintered. I'm thinking that I will have Shapeways 3D print a half muzzle break so that I can make a cleaner mold, and then cast two halves out of resin. That will probably turn out better than my current version. This weekend I am gunna hopefully have the camera up and running, so I will show you guys that setup soon. I'm planning on making it so I can have two different cameras that I can switch between with a slide switch. One behind the optic (7x) and another with no zoom. I'm also looking into getting IR cameras to plug in for night fun (not practical but just for funzies). I'm gunna have to complete the prep work on the scope body and get a mold done for that soon so I can install everything. So between machining the internal components and doing the cleaning, I should have more pictures to show you guys. I'll check in over the weekend with more updates and possibly a video for the scope.
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    Whats the size of your printer's print bed?
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    About 3.5" cubed. It's the M3D Micro. I'm eventually getting their Pro series, but I'd like bigger for when I do the battle rifle print, but I will just have to make due with that (7" cube print size). I'm going to make molds of the BR (and the AR when I get that done) and offer those for sale as kits or finished airsoft guns (or just props for the non-airsofter haha). Then waaay down the road I intend on looking at making a gas BR and AR with a burst trigger kit for the BR.
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    Today's update has been brought to you in video form! Yay technology.

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    How has your experience with the M3D Micro been? I've had mine for about eight months and am currently looking at replacing it due to lack of wow factor. Even fine tuning with better quality filament than M3Ds still leads to a less than stellar print completion record.
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    Yeah. My main problem is that one or multiple parts of it peel away from the raft 99% of the time. I've had OK success, but I'm going to give their Pro series a try. I've had it since September. However I'm severely tempted to buy a bigger printer soon actually. I mainly want something that can handle printing my battle rifle and assault rifle (and eventually the pistol and SMG) so I can make mold casts. I'm not really using them to make finished products. I just want something to make these airsoft builds so I can create casts for a stronger build. Plus I intend to make a gas blow back battle rifle (and maybe assault rifle) later this year.
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    The peeling or driving the nozzle into the bed was a fun tweak to get perfect... I'm currently looking at a Wanhao machine, slightly more expensive but a much larger print bed and a more reliable track record with regards to construction and finishing abilities from what research I've done.

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