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Destiny 2

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Talk' started by Crimmson, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. Crimmson


    Where are all my guardians at?

    Who is still hyped about destiny as much as me?

    Who's getting destiny 2? Do you still remember the original thread for the first beta? I do. So if you want to post your gt for destiny 2 or if the clan is still active post it here. Any pics or costume plans etc.

    I changed my xbox 1 gt to:


    See ya'll at the tower.

    Pre oreder for beta access in late july.

    Video for d2

    Ghorn from gamestop
    Destiny Iron Gjallarhorn Replica - Only at GameStop for Collectibles | GameStop

    You hard it is to type this on a phone with one hand and the other buried nuckle deep in a m&m bag. Mmmm
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2017
  2. BlazedStarbon

    BlazedStarbon RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Warlock reporting in!

    I try not to get hyped too much, but I do have the game pre-ordered. (Couldn't pass up that Cayde figure despite my skepticism, lol) As for costume plans, I've been working on a warlock that is based on Destiny 2's designs, and hope to have that completed when I go to D*Con in two months...
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  3. mblackwell1002


    Yet another Warlock reporting in!;)

    I'm pretty hyped, though I didn't enjoy the first one too much. I just hope the second one is better than the first in terms of playing solo.

    And I'm working on a Warlock build as well. I plan on altering the design a little bit to match Destiny 2's look as well. Still gotta work on the robe some more. :/ I hate sewing...@BlazedStarbon, let me know how your robe works out. I'm trying to get my suit done by October for Jet City Comic Show, and I'm looking to see how you do yours.

    My GT is IgnotusSPARTAN, though I mostly play Halo 5. I recently upgraded to Xbox 1 and don't Have Destiny for anything other than my 360.
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  4. BlazedStarbon

    BlazedStarbon RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    mblackwell1002 I'll have updates by next weekend in my thread.

    Forgot to add - my GT: Deadly Chikadee on XB1 (you can also find me under the 405th xbox group as well)
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  5. Crimmson


    They ran out of the collectors edition in corpus but i can still order gallerhorn version from gamestop. 160 bucks, smackaroos, clams, or 23 strange coins. Which has a 44inch gallerhorn included or might be seperate.
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  6. kupokitty

    kupokitty Well-Known Member

    Warlock master race!

    ...Yeah, I'm a bit late to reply to this thread because I just now remembered what my login was.

    I'm kupokitty on both consoles.
  7. Crimmson


    Any body got locations of the rockstar cans for sale? If you do please post city, state and store. Thanks. Titans rule
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  8. PaiganBoi


    I am on the fence of getting D2. As much as I liked playing, I didn't get to enjoy a lot of the end game stuff. Mainly Raids. The amount of time that was needed to devote and the lack of friends to party up made it impossible for me to ever do one. So yeah... Raid virgin here.
    BTW I am a Hunter.
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  9. mblackwell1002


    Well...D2 has a Raid matchmaking system now. It's called "Guided Games". Hopefully that will help you hurtle that fence you're sitting on.
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  10. PaiganBoi


    Well... Ordered Destiny from Amazon. Will be waiting on my doorstep on the sixth. Hunter reporting for duty. (y)
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  11. mblackwell1002


    I just preordered and preinstalled 2 days ago, lol. I decided digital was best because I can pre install before release.

    I'll probably be juggling Warlocks and Hunters. I hate the Titan class.
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  12. Schankerz


    I have digitally downloaded as well, I'm going to take a nap for a few hours after supper then going right in at midnight, all day Destiny 2 baby, my body is ready!!

    I'm going to say something completely baffling to people, but I'm going to be playing as....a Titan AND warlock!! BUT SCHANKERZ, YOU CANT LIKE TWO CLASSES HOW DARE YOU, YOUR OPINIONS ARE TRASH TRY AGAIN :p
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  13. mblackwell1002



    Liking two classes? That's like....sleeping while being awake...having your cake and eating it, too...Oh my gosh...MIND BLOWN! AMAZING!

    I won't be playing through midnight launch because...It's 3 hours earlier here. I could probably play like an hour, but if I did, I would have this urge to play all day...and end up doing so. :( Sooo...the solution to that would be to put all my responsibilities aside and nap all day, then play D2 all night long.

    So what's the best option?


    Ok, not really. Some friends are having me over for a while. I'll be too tired anyway when I get home.

    But, i'll be getting up first thing in the morning to play! Booyah!

    Who's excited for the Leviathan raid?!?!?! Looks amazing in terms of concept art. That will be exciting. Nothin' cooler than giant space machines that eat planets.
  14. PaiganBoi


    Alas... responsibilities of being a parent and having to go to work won't allow me to indulge in all day play. Sometimes I miss being single....
    It'll be the weekend before I can put some hours into D2.
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  15. BlazedStarbon

    BlazedStarbon RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Found out my city is having their first ever midnight release through Destiny 2.
    Despite lack of sleep from DragonCon, I think I'll go just to pick up the game due to work schedules later in the morning. At least this way the game will be installed for when I come home. :D
  16. RYNO 666

    RYNO 666 Well-Known Member

    Started a 405th members clan here. I know I've played with Crimmson in the past. Would love to see you join and admin or help head up efforts to get built. So far we are growing slow but have several Builders/Cosplayers in already.
    All 405th members are welcome to join.

    Destiny2 Clan up time 405th
  17. PaiganBoi


    Thanks man. Sent a request to join clan.
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  18. lemontree

    lemontree New Member

    Does any site have a full review up? I saw IGn have one in progress. Really interested to see where D2 goes, was a bit underwhelmed by Destiny
  19. RYNO 666

    RYNO 666 Well-Known Member

  20. Dreamster

    Dreamster New Member

    I used to play it before, but not anymore :(
  21. Olney

    Olney New Member

    Anyone still playing D2? When's the next big update coming? I was kind of disappointed with Curse of Osiris, but I'm willing to give the game a shot when they fix a couple of things like mods system.
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  22. mblackwell1002


    Next update is on January 30th, they're adding masterwork armor and reworking the reward pool for better activity rewards. Then comes Crimson Days (valentines day) where they will add some features and loot, including reworking the mod system. Private matches and ranked crucible will come later in spring.
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