Doom 2016 Praetor suit


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Great to hear that this has been at least a little bit informative. I've tried to cover the biggest of the many, many problem areas I've encountered so far, haha.


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Also, if you weren't planning on it, I'd recommend sewing a jumpsuit sort of thing to go under the armor, you could use very thin fabric, but just so the joints and such are accurate. You already went to all this trouble to make it look accurate, why not go the extra mile and do the underlayer? Just a suggestion, but, assuming you know how to sew or have a friend who does and could teach you, it wouldn't be particularly hard.


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I have a cheapo synthetic leather jacket I'm using as an undersuit, It bunches up a bit and makes the soft sections look padded. There's some skulduggery going on in the videogame model at the joints so I don't really see another way to make those sections look quite thick enough. The wrists may require a bit of seamster-ing, but I haven't quite gotten there yet


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Thank you for your detailed step by step creation. I'm going to be building this suit for my son so have been doing a load of research. Could I get a copy of the helmet design and a list of the materials you've used please?

Sierra Charlie

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That looks really good, and really sick, the weathering, and battle damage is on point! I actually havent seen a doom armor set up before, and this does not disappoint at all!

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