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I have not updated in a while because the leg stuff isn't particularly glamorous, but I do finally have them roughed out. The overboot + sneaker + foam system I threw together actually seems to be working quite well, which is frankly bizarre. I had a much more difficult time with the upper body, but I think since I've been doing a lot of test fits and cross-referencing with the game model I managed to avoid any serious goofs.
IMG_20220630_184043.jpg IMG_20220630_184120.jpg

The boots are basically a bunch of loose shapes held together with elastic straps for flexibility, with one along the bottom to keep it down against the sneaker. I ran mechanic's wire around the outside to provide structure. I wouldn't call it elegant, but it does work very well. I wear a 13 so I was concerned about making it too long, since the model has pretty stubby boots. But the dimensions do look appropriate to the rest of my suit, and I'm free handing everything so I'm not worried about 1:1 accuracy.
The test fit videos are below along with a still I liked. I tried using the front facing camera this time, so the quality is better. Since I couldn't see the screen I ended up with some weird dutch angle framing.

That's every major element of the suit, except for the knee pads. I'm very happy with how it all came together, it all looks good and stays in place. The heat isn't great. I thought I could get away with skipping a helmet fan, but the jury is still out. I'm going to poke some more holes in the thing and see if that helps with fogging. I took a closer look at my tint job and saw that there are tiny little orange peels under the surface, so if I want good visibility I'll have to sand down to the acrylic and reapply. I'd like to get it darker anyway, so after legs are done I'll get to it.

Mobility is very decent, I can jump and move around without issue and I don't think I look too doofy doing it. The only fitment issue is some velcro that keeps the torso sections together on the right side. I think the weight of the belt and thighs is pulling it down out of place, so I should be able to lengthen the straps and be in good shape. And I'm keeping a close eye on the calf pieces, they might be a little low but I need to finish more before I can tell.

The cheapo fake leather jacket I got just isn't going to work, but if I can find a breathable jumpsuit I can probably paint and sew onto it and make it look better in the long run anyway. I know absolutely nothing about what fabric to look for, so that will be another thing to work out. For this video I just threw on a dark flannel. I apologize for making you look at my knees, but it was 84 F and I didn't want to be found dead of heatstroke inside a video game costume. For the record, I was at least wearing shorts.

And here is the super shotgun after a pass with black oil paint. I'm always amazed at what oil can do compared to acrylics. I might leave it like this, or do a little bit with some burnt umber. It looks good enough that I don't want to overcook the paint job and detract from the model. It comes out to 31-32ish inches.
IMG_20220630_184159.jpg IMG_20220630_184219.jpg

That's where I'm at, the knees shouldn't be too much more work and then it's all details from then on. I'd just like to get the armor "done" by the end of the summer and then worry about undersuit details or whatever. It is certainly encouraging to be able to try it all on and have it look good without breaking catastrophically.

Thanks for reading, peace
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if you're looking for a breathable undersuit material I'd look into stuff with lycra! I use a lycra dive suit for my spartan and it makes wearing the suit somewhat bearable.


if you're looking for a breathable undersuit material I'd look into stuff with lycra! I use a lycra dive suit for my spartan and it makes wearing the suit somewhat bearable.
Thanks, I will try and get my hands on some. My reservation is that a looser cut would hopefully bunch up at the joints and blend in what I like to think of as my "slim" frame with the bulk of the suit. I'm looking at cotton coveralls right now with the hope that I can cram an ice pack vest under the suit if need be..

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