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Day one went well, not too much happened but it was a nice start to a sure-to-be great weekend.

I ran into Desolate in his white suit and got to finally hold one of Adam's ARs. Its a nice cast Adam, congrats.
Also with him was the member (who's name slips my mind so please post here) who has a full ODST suit including Sigma's helmet. (Nice Job Sig)

Near the end of the night I met up with some old members like NewbieUK (maybe NukieUK) and his girlfriend I think. Anyway, it was all very confusing but if you're a member on these forums PLEASE come introduce yourself to me this weekend if you're out here.

Today, one of the NAS members suited up as MC for a few hours but we decided to save Gears for Tomorrow! Anyway, must...get....sleep....

I'l post more tomorrow. Tootles.

EDIT: deathmaddy :p
Can't wait for pictures Red. Sounds like its going to be a blast. Wish I could have gone this year, but my MKVI armor isnt near completed. Oh well, maybe next year.
you better be filling up that gallery album with dragoncon pics... like real quick ;-)
I see you are posting now, I am refreshing the page and waiting. Will edit in when you are done posting.

Can't wait till you finish post :D :D :D .

link4044 said:
you better get pics on this is locked :rolleyes

Jerk :)

Today we did Gears. nuff said.

Pics soon to come guys, just need to have our photographer send me them after the con is done. I meet some more of you today, glad to see you all here.

EDIT: wow doom.
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DragonCon was great! I went the longest time without sleep I ever have. It was good to see you and Sid, Red. Geez you guys always look intimidating in or out of armor. In armor they're huge, and out of armor they look like an elite team like the Globogym Cobras. :lol: Desolates dad got about 600 pics, hopefully he'll sort through them soon.
Desolate, you'd better say hey to me next year.
I'm going next year, couldn't make it this year since I was in Singapore.
Can't wait for the pics.
Don't have any of MY pics back yet but I found these on someone's flickr account after a quick google search. They should tide you all over for a day or two.



That's awesome!

Great armor, glad you had great time at D*C. Now I NEED to add that armor to list of Costumes to Do. One day, I will make it to DC. My only mecca is Comic-Con SD for now.

Again, great job.

BTW - are those contacts?
Only Sid (Marcus) and the girl Gears wore contacts. I decided not to because my natural eyes are almost identical to the color of baird's, however my eyes look riddick-like in the above pic for some reason. stupid cameras.

All Red got was a stinky pistol while everyone else got lancers!

Thats why you looked so mad! Hahaha sorry, thats just too funny...

Dragon*con was a blast, as always. It was as good as last year, but that's becuase we lost like 50% of the Marriott to construction, and the Fire Marshall was slamming the Hyatt with threats of being shut down if it ever went over capacity. Those taken in conjunction made it hard for pictures, becuase for most of the weekend, it seemed, there was almost no photography allowed in the Hyatt, and we lost all the nice open areas in the Marriott for pictures.

I let Facebook take care of hosting my pictures for me
Doom said:

All Red got was a stinky pistol while everyone else got lancers!

Thats why you looked so mad! Hahaha sorry, thats just too funny...


Check my back bro. I'll upload some pics later with me holding my lancer.

Anyway, Cadet, nice seeing you there as well. I had seen your posts on SHH and am glad to see you joined up here as well.
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