Duke's Custom Reach Suit Pep +photos!! *COMPLETE*


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I have some leftover Hannuka Gelt and a few Sufganiyot......Might be a bit stale......But, round one!!!!!

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Came in at Rank 2!

It is what I had anticipated.
Needed improvements include:
More lights from in game
Better secure cod piece
Fill in gap under chest
Improve undersuit

I'd also like to say to anyone worried that if my suit isn't highest tier then you have no chance..you're wrong.

As long as your suit fits you, has all the pieces and doesn't look like it is your very first craft attempt then you will most likely get deployed.

And remember ALL rankings are equal for deployment purposes. The rank tiers are meant for self improvement. If you want honest feedback on where you can improve your suit then that is where the ranking system via site staff will assist you.


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I started on my duct tape dummy and finished phase one.


Here's my supplies.
Phase one-
Duct tape, super wide and black (used 1.5 rolls)
Seran wrap
Phase two-
Poly Batting (10lbs)
More ductape
Phase three-
3/4" PVC
PVC joints
PVC cutter
PVC glue
More ductape
Silver Spray paint

The process took about two hours and was very uncomfortable. Ripping the duct really messed up my finger. It actually tore a dime size chunk off my roommates.

So I took every chance I could to laugh and have fun with it. Mid progress I took a progress shot. And since Dirtdives said we weren't allowed to talk about colorful miniature horses I figured I'd show you guys my next cosplay, an original character from The Matrix..

Bazinga! that's actually one full roll of that super wide gorilla tape in.

Here's the final result.

Anyone spot the newest suit upgrade in this picture?


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Repairs and Modifications:

Here is what is on the agenda tonight before my next appearance tomorrow.

Big modification- mark and cut away material at top of shin and elbow of forearm. These are pinch points and just plain noisy clanking together also already starting to crack due to the pressure.

After cutting I'll spot putty the edges and sand real quick. I'll probably just sharpie them black to save time and will repaint when I'm ready to repaint all the chips too.

Adjust and reglue foam neck seal on chest piece.

Attach velcro to top of cod as well as reattach the velcro on the bottom of cod.

Re apply Sugru as two of the visor holders have fallen off (poor installation on my part)

Reglue a piece on undersuit that popped off (back shell).

Pack it all up for HWC! Who knows I might be on TV. :cool:


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After Event Report:

Well, the hacks I made were not enough. I think I'm stuck using compression sleeves for the forearm pinches. For the shins I'm gonna try to cut them shorter again.

Had a great time though. It was nice talking to some Halo cosplayer vets to get some better ideas for my suit. One immediate upgrade will be a warm water diving suit. Lycra, not neoprene. It's basically the same as my zentai but more durable and wicks sweat away better.

I think an abdominal wrap will be my next task as it will be simple and really help the look of my suit. I'll just have it attached to the chest piece and velcro in the back.

Thanks peterthethinker for letting me borrow your sword for this shot.


I threw some more pictures up here. SI3RRA 117

Upcoming Event: Halo World Championships in Seattle, WA
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vivalablake89 - Thanks. I am very happy, still lots I want to do with it though. Glad to have you back! Love to see what you've been working on.

Schankerz - It was fun. I know the video as I was able to pull it from the twitch feed, I'll try to find the link. You wouldn't have been able to see us from the floor anyway. It was too dark. Only the seats were illuminated a little.

For those that follow my thread here is the full video of that interview of Dustin Allen during HWC 2018
2018-04-14 HWC 405th Dustin Allen Interview.mp4


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My new undersuit is here and I love it!

I feel like De Niro as Archibald Tuttle.

In this picture is a
Lycra diving suit
Thin balaclava
Underarmour forearm guards

The guards have rubber grips on them. I'll position them at the forearm pinch points and let you know if they help.

The only thing I'm not happy with is the neckline. It is very easy to see my skin there. I'm gonna have to either sew the balaclava to the undersuit or make a new neck seal like FlyinPhil has.