Duke's Custom Reach Suit Pep +photos!! *COMPLETE*


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This was a lot harder than I thought it would be.
20180519_130725.jpg 20180519_135146.jpg

After stitching him back together I cut him apart for easier transport. At the seams I stuffed in aluminium foil for better support.
20180519_132734.jpg 20180519_192921.jpg 20180519_193033.jpg

Even putting the armor on him was a chore.
20180521_145010.jpg 20180521_200839.jpg

But now I get to see this everyday in my living room. :D
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But now I get to get use to seeing this everyday in my living room. :D

I'm going to be building a couple of these and prop stands for some of my better display things, not looking forward to having an array of well armed creeps hanging around the house. As long as there's none of your hair or skin trapped in the form I think you're safe with regards to these things coming to life by voodoo rules, it becoming a golem however is a different story.

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Ha, thanks Chives. After all that reading do you have any questions?

Well no questions at the moment, but I'm sure I'll have some when I get to the detailing stages of my MK VI again (starting from scratch on everything). I liked your popsicle stick method to keep peps from warping. Also downloaded the armorsmith program to help with my biggest challenge of all- anatomically fitting armor pieces onto my 6 foot noodle of a body. I also took some more liberties of your build with the chosen undersuit (already had the same upperbody MTB plating); hopefully that will solve my issue of padding.

As far as being a member since 2010 with little to show and just now coming back from an 8 year long hiatus, your finished suit gave me some motivation to pick my project back up.


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Pardon my ignorance but what the hell ????? That looks awesome. Add that to the Hanukkah list also.

It's an armor ability module, specific to Reach. They are what allow you to sprint, drop shield, hologram, etc.

I decided yellow for Hologram, though the lights ended up looking orange which I think is bubble sheild.


First I acquired this 3d print. Many thanks to those parties involved.
20180625_183753.jpg 20180625_183801.jpg

With my suit, securing pieces can be a challenge. This print is two pieces. First I had to secure the backplate. I chose acorn nuts. The LEDs will shine on them and the round nut will help with the light.
20180626_174547.jpg 20180626_212858.jpg

To put the front on I didn't want to chance it with magnets. The only spot for a bolt that worked for me was the center. I drilled all the way through and put a nut on the other side.

Smoothing was in order. I applied one layer of spot putty using my fingers. I then used knives and tooth picks to immediately pick out the putty from the narrow grooves.

Next up, one coat of primer. Followed by bright silver on the inside to help illuminate the lights.
20180629_185944.jpg 20180630_131920.jpg

Here is my reference screen grab for painting. I found dull silver, dark grey, black and yellowish orange. There are also many decals and it is heavily weathered.

I was able to get the brand new colors done. One coat of base color and 3-4 coats of the secondary colors. I won't be able to weather until I put the decals on.

The lights are just a simple circuit. Four 5mm LEDs each with 100 ohm resistor, a switch and a 9volt battery connector.
20180630_232845.jpg 20180630_234636.jpg 20180630_234955.jpg 20180630_235953.jpg
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After Action Report:

Well, last weekend I trooped with Thom A293 at the Toy and Geek Festival, Western Washington Fairgrounds.

It was a great little con. They had lots of room for big stuff: 501st sets, 3-4 actual transformer vehicles, lots of military equipment.

We lasted 6 hours and I was spent!! Got a good size chip in my boot walking back to the car. I also somehow cracked my waist armor clean through, fiberglass is holding it together now. Another disappointing thing was the compression sleeves I bought to give me extra protection on my arms... they gave me water blisters because they were so tight and my sweat had no where to go! Back to the drawing board with that one.

Here are some fun edits I did using the phone ap Prisma.
36496419_776008602602522_7694509278870110208_n.jpg 36614397_776008452602537_8119466717664509952_n.jpg 36469055_776008625935853_2963226292608040960_o.jpg 36571993_776008482602534_6370532021571158016_n.jpg 36485332_776008499269199_5685346448502161408_n.jpg

More photos can be found in my facebook album.

Question: What kind of stuff could we do if we teamed up with our local 501st guys?


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Eyyyyy Thom is still alive! I haven't seen him around here very much lately and I was wondering what he was up too. You guys both look absolutely amazing!

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Sorry to hear about your armor troubles but it looks like you had a blast.

I'm going to download that Prisma app...that filter looks really cool. You could almost show someone a filtered photo and tell them you based your armor on this concept drawing.

Is your friend wearing the Noble-6 concept helmet. That is awesome! I hadn't seen one built yet.