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There has recently been a lot of hostility towards our new allies, as I expected both in game and in the real world. I motion towards respect and brotherhood with our new allies in the battle against the Covenant.

Consider the following:
[They] naturally hate humans, being their enemies, yet respect the human race's ability to have survived this long and to have caused the Covenant so much trouble. The human race may be grossly inferior to the Covenant in terms of technology, but in land-based combat on a planet's surface, the humans come out on top surprisingly often. The Elites realize this; some have even wondered why the Prophets have never offered the human race assimilation into the covenant.

Thoughts on this are welcome.
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Keep in mind that even though Human technology is inferior to Covenant tech, Covenant tech is simply the remains of Forerunner technology that the Covenant found and learned to imitate, whereas most human tech was created from the ground up by humans.

As for hostility towards Elites, alien or not, any help in the battle for survival is better than none at all.
well you have some what of a point but, you never know, they're nice at first, you party, then out of no where they stab you in the back...

so i have to agree with adam
Well, that's not to say you shouldn't keep your eyes peeled. It never hurts to look over your shoulder to make sure they're aiming that plasma rifle at the REAL bad guys and not YOU..... It's probably a rocky alliance anyway.
I don't think it would be that rocky, assuming that the Elites who left the Covenant are the ones who respected the humans. Given their caste and honor system, I think that they would be honored to fight next to us. The Elites that still view us as vermin will most likely accept the Brute's rise to power as the will of the Prophets, and continue to follow that will. I think the only ones who would resent us are the Grunts, but they resent everyone, even the Elites.
Older model grunts look somewhat cute.

Elites are noble warriors. I'll respect 'em, but won't say I'll love 'em like brothers....

We'll see how long the alliance of convenience lasts.
I honestly would rather fight Elites then brutes, the Elites seem pretty honorable with the exception of the crazy ones that try to save flood, but i wont mind fighting by their die, but the Marines are higher on my protection list
If i had to be either a human or an elite i would be an elite im elite all the way or ,sphengali<sp?>.I like there color full armor and commanding ways...they are born military leaders in my opinion.
Bloody Shadow does raise a good point, though? How are the Elites like the Catholic Church? I assume that he's referring to the Covenant belief, but in no way is the Catholic Church, or any Christian organization for that matter, bent on a mass suicide they believe to be transcendence into the divine. If anything, they (the Prophets and those who follow) are more like a Comet Cult. You know, the ones who commit suicide with spiked fruit punch when a comet passes over? That seems like a more accurate comparison to me.

But as far as Elites go, and this will sound weird, they remind me of Spartans. Have you ever seen an Elite run? Give up? Die cowering in a dark corner? No! They meet death face-on! They die for glory, for honor, and they die well. When one is stuck with a plasma grenade, instead of running wildly from his inevitable death, he embraces the fact, and often takes his assailant with him! This comparison, to me, makes them seem worthy allies for the Spartans. Some Elites (as stated in the Halo novels) actually believe Spartan-117 to be an Elite, rather than a human, because of his fighting skill. That, to me, seems like respect.
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