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Hey whenever you are planning on shooting I thought I'd drop a line to offer some help. I'm a film student and have experience editing and directing. My suit's pretty much out of commission right now, but I plan on having it back up and running by Denver "pop culture" convention. Need any help?

Sean Anwalt

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Yes we do. We've got the script all put together, clonecam117 and Shadowshail are working on our pelican set, and I'm trying to figure out how to cast people for the different roles.

If you have a gmail account throw it my way and we'll get you access to view and comment on the script.

Oh, and welcome back!

Sean Anwalt

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So with the script being in place and a decent number of people in the regiment being aware of the project, let's talk casting.

I feel that most of our active members are in the Colorado/Wyoming area. There are a lot of us elsewhere, to be sure, but since most of the input has come from that area, I think most of our actual filming will be around there somewhere and therefore many of our actors should also be local, to ease travel and costs.

Costume wise, I want to get a set costume for each unit (ODST 22nd and 19th, Marines, etc...) so we all appear uniform. That makes sense to me. Does anyone wanna take that challenge on? If not, I can do it, but I'd like to spread the workload, know what I mean?

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Sorry I'm late to the game but I'm still very interested in being part of this project. Living in Denver, Cheyenne is relatively close.


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I'm in Casper, WY, so not too far from Cheyenne.

What kind of time frame are you looking at for getting this done?

And maybe use either Skype or have people send in audition tapes to cast roles?
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I would help you guys but I live in BFE Far Nor Cal. So I can do little things on the computer and a good friend of mine has a pro photo business. Let me know.

Sean Anwalt

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Hey Badkitty thanks for the offer, but i dunno we're can justify going to nor cal, lol

Definitely will be in touch if we have photo needs, though!

Furthermore, If it doesn't hurt anybody's feelings, i have the costume layouts done and a bunch of other things. I'll get a post here when I get a chance street I get home.

Sean Anwalt

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Ok, so since it's been such a long time since I updated this thread, I'm just going to put the information here in a new post instead of updating. That way there will be a notifiaction that it's been updated. haha.

Costumes for the Marines, Spartans, and everybody are outlined as follows. Basically just copying everything over from my notes. If you have experience in the Marines or Navy, and want to change things, please, let's talk about it! I'd love input!

Admiral Persoen, General Hammond, Rear Admiral Landry: Navy Admiral white uniform
Captain Englebourne: Navy Captain's white uniform
Lt. Colonel Drysbane: ODST Dress Blues. (We may steal some ideas from GreY2231, who knows!)
General Hasting: Marine General Uniform
General Malcolm: Army General Uniform
Random Navy Officer: Navy Officer's white uniform

7 Marines:
Sgt. Sam Bricker
Barry Lasher
Donovyn Smith
Kenneth Doyle
Randy Donahue
Jacob McMillan
Tony Ramona

MARINE UNIFORM: Multicam, blossomed boots, olive drab colored armor

19th ODST (escort for "Project Blue")
Terry Bateman
John Lanshford

HALO 3: ODST armor, black in color, RED accents. Dark / black camo undersuit.

22nd ODST (Rescue helljumpers)
Col. Robert Derringher
Colby Wrenrix
Aaron Darby
Peter Gill
Sergei Volkov

HALO 3: ODST armor, black in color, BLUE accents. Dark / black camo undersuit

Pilot / Co-pilot:
Olive Drab jumpsuit, Helmet, Marine armor (It looks very similar to me in the reference pics) hoses, etc.... You know, pilot stuff.

Stingray flight pilots:
Black Jumpsuit, helmet, etc... (My thought process is the squadron 'stingray flight' is from uses black jumpsuits instead of olive drab. Just one of the liberties I'm taking because I can, why not?)

I'm thinking about how to get word out that we're looking for people to play these parts. Any thoughts?

Let's also set up our crew as soon as possible. By this I mean someone to help with the cast and keep track of who is doing what, a location scout to get us an outdoor location to shoot, and a camera crew.

I can only do so much in these regards, 'cuz I'm out here in Utah. I am thinking of a place near Baggs, WY., to shoot, because according to my (admittedly ignorant) geography, it seems decently mid-land between the biggest number of us. Can I get some input?


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With looking for people to play the parts, there are a ton of cheap or free actors you can find through acting agencies. I'm not sure who we're going to be able to find in Baggs Wyoming but I'm sure if you google acting agencies in the area you'll find something. How long are you planning for the shoot to go? We'll need to figure out if people need to stay more than one day and hopefully the crew can figure out transport to wyoming but we'll need to figure out transport to the shoot location. The city's website needs to be checked for filming permits as well just so we don't all travel out just to get shut down. Additionally, is there anyone in the regiment who is located near Baggs? It's a good idea to scout out locations of the area to figure out where we're actually going to film and if someone can go down and take photos that would be choice. Whoever scouts will need to have at least read the script and have an open line of communication with our director just so they know what they're looking for in a location. What filming equipment is available to us and will there be a set budget? We'll need to make a list of equipment necessary for filming and recording sound along with also making a list of all the costs that will be incurred. (not sure if that's the right word lol sorry)

Sean, will you be directing and producing? if not, how would you like to delegate roles for everyone? At the very least, we're going to need a DP, a Director, a Producer, a Gaffer, a Sound Guy, an AD and a production designer along with all of our actors. extra hands and PA's are always needed on a set as well.

(sorry for writing so much I just want to help and I'm excited to finally use what I've learned in school lol)

Sean Anwalt

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Angus314, thanks for the input!

A few of our guys are already volunteering to fill a lot of those roles. It's great to have someone around that knows more than I do about this stuff (which isn't difficult). Look for a PM from me here in a minute.
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Sean Anwalt

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I'd like to get preliminary casting set up by next week. Basically, since we are all probably going to need to at least cameo in this thing in order to get the man power, I'd like you to go through the script, find a person or part you want to play, and submit it to me. I'll update this post as needed. Since fighter pilots are the world's best job and the reason God created air and airplanes, I'd like to dibs them.

Fighter-pilot: Sean Anwalt.


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If you guys come and film in the Logan area let me know if you need an ODST for it. I would love to help even if it's as an extra don't care if I live or die, because its feet first into hell!