Fan-Made Halo Series

Any sound effects can be made, you just have to be creative and mix together sounds, like they did for Jurassic park.

For CG effects, use fxhome if your willing to pay, its not too expensive if your serious about your project and its an amazing program.

Good luck on your project, cant wait to see it.


Excellent NEWS! We just might have more help then we need on this project, and the plot of the original story has changed drastically... I'll try to get more information 2morrow


jake11124 said:
I can't wait, so in the mean time lets read some halo

lol haha I've been trying to read the newest one that came out... HALO: Evolutions i do believe it is called. But anyways I'm trying to meet up with a friend of a friend of mine who has hook ups with other friends within the tv industry or studios like that...

If this works out we might have some new canon we are intergrating into the Halo Universe with this story plot LOL (so excited :))
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ya know who you might ask about this special effect stuff is the bradinatorrr, cause he's done some good effects in a couple fan made movies, you could ask him what he did.


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I am a co producer in this thread and project. Hello ya guys
i have some concerns and questions to ask anybody who gets into this thread. If you have any experience in after effects and filming can you help me with gathering some software.

This is what we need:
- CGI programs
- after effect programs
- filter effects
- 3d models of halo vehicles (human and covenant)
- possibly sound boards

we're in need of pretty much anything that will help us with the video production.

I want to give a QUICK UPDATE on what we have been talking about and working on:
- Story board is complete
- currently focusing on Halo Reach Launch
- After launch we will be pepping and possibly molding 20 marine suits for upcoming projects.
So expect some epic greatness from Tough Luck Studio "COPYWRITTEN"


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CGI: Blender-Free
After Effects: Adobe after effects - Go to for tutorials and special effects packs that are perfect for what you are doing. It costs some money, but its REALLY worth it.
Filter effects: Can be acheived with the above program.
Models: There are several very talented members who may be able to donate what you need.


lol thankx devious I'll be sure to send the info to my friend

and for what pandanky said about 20 marines, it would more like 10 to possibliy 15 marines

and to release a little info, the storyboard is for lil short we are going to do... :)

about the UNSC marine corps and where you could sign up :D