First build: Foam halo reach custom spartan (probably Pic heavy)


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EDIT: Basically, i had the suit done, and then i decided to redo the chestpiece entirely!
so this is my progress so far, starts around page 13!

as compared to before:

end edit

Yo guys at 405th!
I just joined this forum, but i have been looking at it for a long time for inspiration and ideas for my project. I've wanted to make my halo reach armor for a very long time, but i felt that i could never do it because of costs and imports of bondo (i live in sweden) and such.
I just found the Foam-way of doin it, and i thought i might give it a shot.


At this time, i am pretty much done with the arms as a whole. The forearms went pretty much completely improvised so i could try out the technique and hopefully learn something. I dont know if ill keep them on the final thing, since they look kind of odd...



The shoulder pieces are improvised aswell, but not as heavily... I used my little Jun action figure as a model to make them, and this time i cut out stencils from paper at first and then started working on it. Now they look kind of off, but its close enough for my taste. I really wanna make this mine, so im trying not to use pepakura too much!

Right arm (with the sniper attachment and tacpad, kind of blurry)

Left arm (with the UA/BASE security attachment, forearms got nothin, think i need anything?


Now i'm working on the first shin part, and this time i'm actually using pepakura to do it. However, it's kind of awkward to use with foam, and i don't know if im scaling it right...

I aim on painting and weathering everything when it's done, since i need to find out how to get plasti dip or anything like that here in sweden...


So anyway, i think i'll need a bit of help on this project. First of all, do anyone have any ideas for how to "lock" my phone in place in the tacpad? It sits kind of tight as it is, but i think i'm going to need some sort of cover...


Secondly, Does the scale of the shin piece look right to you guys? I thought it would be wise to ask the pros... to me it looks kind of weird, but then again, everything does from start right? (sorry for blurry pic)

I hope that i'm doing this right so someone might find my post o_O
Please give your feedback, i would be delighted to hear from the "pros" :D

Also, please tell me if i'm using the thread wrong or something, im totally new to this o_O

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welcome to the 405th.

the shin looks like it need to be bigger. im going to be honest, but i dont want to hurt your feelings. they look a little ragged but the forearms are the perfect size. if you look around on here you can find templates for foam armor. trace those onto the foam then cut and glue.

your doing far better than me when i first started though. iyour deffinitly in the right direction.


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Well, the shin part was definately not too small.. in fact, now i'm wondering if it's too big o_O I'll post some pics later!
Still need help with the tacpad though!


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Well, i decided to keep going with the size i had and see where it led to, and thank god for that! Now it's almost too big! This thing is huge! (It might not look that big on the picture, but the hole between my leg and the actual thing is pretty big... Also, I have not gotten to making the knee pad yet, so that will increase the height of the whole thing quite a bit!)

The thing is, i think i'll keep it this way for now... I think they will match the rest of the armor pretty nicely... we'll see how it goes...
I'm probably going to have to buy another set of foam anyway, so we'll see if i redo it, once i have more experience... (which i'll probably do with my forearms...)

Here's a picture of course!
Anyway, any input would be awesome... Still need help with my tacpad problem!


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Lol, not much activity in this blog xD
Well, i'll post my progress anyway o_O
I just "finished" the thigh part, which basically means i have to add some sort of material on the inside of the thigh and paint it, but i'll do that later...

One whole leg complete! (minus kneepad and strapping, therefore the thing that i tied around my knee xD)

These parts turned out kind of big, so now i suddenly found a few problems that needs solving with strapping... I think I'll just browse 405th for it :D


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Spent the last weekend at the summerplace. No computer or xbox down there, so i got a lot done xD
Basically, i made the helmet, and its very near completion... I have to attach the visor properly, fix some holes and paint it (like everything else).

Here is a pic of everything i've done so far though, it's actually starting to look really good, and all the pieces fit awesomely.

Oh, one thing... Has anyone made like a removable visor or anything like that? (i'm thinking velcro etc...) I wear glasses and cant put them on under the helmet...
Bai 405th :D Would love all feedback!


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Damn and I thought I was the only one with the phone in the arm thing. Dont tell me you plan on installing a mic and head phones in the helmet too :/


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Haha, nah dude, thats a bit too hardcore for me xD sounds like a neat idea though :p actually, if you browse around 405th a bit, there are lots of ppl using it :)
I'm just gonna install a couple of LEDs and some sort of flashlight in the helmet ^^'


Looks like you're making really quick progress. Keep it up!

Also, I'm not sure about availability in Sweden, but have you checked out craft foam at all? For some of the smaller details it can be helpful.


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Another update! :D
I have not been working too much on the project lately, since the too friends that are making their own armors alongside me are out of town this week...
However, this has given me some time to do some detailing work (yay! :D)!
So i have basically filled up all the holes in the helmet with tiny pieces of foam, but i hardly think that requires pictures xD
What i did do though was make the "inside" of the thigh pieces!

Thighs so far!

I really feel like painting right now, but i dont know if it would be better to just wait until everything is done...
I've been looking around the forums, but could'nt really find anything about plasti-dip... Do you think i need to plasti-dip everything before i paint, or does it work anyway?
Also, does anyone have any tips on a design on the helmet that would let me wear my glasses inside it? As it is now, it's too tight around the neck part... I can get my glasses on as long as the visor is not there, and it would probably fit once it's in place aswell... It's just the "putting em on" part thats bothering me... Any ideas? o_O

Happy building!


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Holy cow! I havent done much this time, but boy, the things i did really made a difference xD

So basically, i filled out all the holes in the helmet, including the nose/mouth part, which turned out okay...
However, i was kind of unhappy with the ugly cuts on the top of the helmet, so i decided to try to do a little manual good ol' sanding...
Turns out, this technique is absolutely fantastic! The picture doesnt really do it justice, because the helmet looks almost as clean as a medium mold now! (at least on the side i sanded)
I don't know if anyone has posted this about foam before? i didnt find anything besides using a dremel, but thats not really the same thing xD

So basically, new project while my friends are away: SAND EVERYTHING!
Happy building 405th!